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Mix Up Your National Margarita Day with TRES AGAVES Low-Cal Cocktails

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The Margarita is America’s most frequently ordered cocktail AND by far the most fun to recreate – here are some Low-Cal options! The Tres Agaves line of organic tequilas and mixers is perfect for a Margarita that won’t bust your belt! Subbing Tres Agaves cocktail-ready nectar for simple syrup will cut serious calories from any […]


Healthy Cocktails for 2013 by Russian Standard Vodka & Caliche Rum

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As the holiday season winds down and the last thing we all need is to pack on more calories, Russian Standard Vodka & Caliche Rum have got you covered! As you resolve to be healthier this year (without giving up the booze, of course), stay tipsy with the ‘Russian Standard Fountain of Youth‘ cocktail and […]