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End of Summer Bourbon Cocktails by BASIL HAYDEN’S BOURBON

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Check out some end-of-summer Basil Hayden’s Bourbon cocktails that will step up your cocktail game without you having to even leave your home. This time of summer is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your cocktails, so put your garden to good use and mix up some delicious, refreshing Basil Hayden’s cocktail recipes that […]


Basil Hayden Bourbon Daylight Saving’s Cocktail

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This Sunday, March 10, marks Daylight Savings, when everyone will be forced to push the clocks an hour ahead and loose an hour of sleep!  So before we all spring ahead, why not take the weekend to slow things down by sipping on the season’s freshest ingredients. The Basil Hayden’s® Spring Forward made with the season’s […]