How to Plan a Safari Experience Without Spending a Fortune


An African safari experience is an eye-opener as it takes you close to nature and wildlife. Nothing matches the feeling of being a part of untouched wilderness, away from the city life. But you need not settle for anything less than a luxury experience, even in the middle of nowhere. There are plenty of options to explore, but you may worry about the hefty bills in the long run. Thankfully, you can go luxurious without burning a hole in your wallet. Let us share a few tips to plan a plush safari trip without spending a fortune.

Travel during off-season 

Although peak season travel is alluring, you have to pay more during these times of the year. The flight and accommodation prices soar during popular holiday periods, such as summer breaks and Christmas. Likewise, the dry season is the peak for most African safaris. Go a few weeks before or after the most expensive season, if possible. The weather will almost be the same, but the bills will be far smaller. Moreover, the popular destinations will be less crowded, so you get more for yourself. 

Stick to one destination

You need not travel to several destinations to get the real feel of an African safari. Sticking to one destination can save you a fortune as transportation is a primary contributor to overall costs. Bills run high whether you choose to drive long distances or fly in via light aircraft. Stay where you are and explore it better. If you are at Kruger Park, plan a long itinerary for the trip instead of moving to another place after a couple of days.     

Find all-inclusive stays

All-inclusive stays are worth spending on, even if you have to pay more for them. You get extra amenities that make the trip more enjoyable. For example, these Kruger Park Accommodations come with facilities like inclusive meals, local drinks, daily game drives, bush walking, and Wi-Fi. Compare the bundled costs of the services included, and you will find them affordable. You also save time as you do not need to look for tour arrangements. 

Check packages

Besides looking for an all-inclusive resort, you can go the extra mile with luxury by finding great package deals. Think beyond seeing the wild animals, and check add-ons like bird-watching, family activities, and wellness therapies. You can have fun in the wild and relax at the resort at a package price. There isn’t a better way to have the best time on an African safari. 

Look for deals

This one is a no-brainer because deals and discounts entail big savings, even on luxury experiences. You can check the offers online before booking the place. The internet gives you the compare and shop advantage as you can explore places and deals before planning your trip. Being money-savvy is about digging deep until you find the best ones on luxury experiences. 

A luxury safari may still be within reach, provided you choose wisely and commit to being a money-savvy traveler. Follow these tips to have the best money can buy, even without breaking the bank.


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