Top 7 Things to Pack When Traveling With Your Baby


Traveling with your baby can be problematic, however, it does not have to be a struggle.

The key to traveling with your baby is to ensure that you pack everything your baby needs. You might be wondering what you should pack to ensure your baby’s comfort while traveling. 

Below are seven things to pack when traveling with your baby. Let’s begin.

●    Bottled milk

It is better to always have an extra bottle with you while traveling, for instance, it could be your breath minor baby formula. Bottled milk would come in handy in situations where you cannot breastfeed your baby conveniently, your baby becomes hungry, or when your baby has second thoughts. 

●    Baby trolley

When traveling, a baby trolley is an essential piece. With it, you would be able to carry your baby around with ease. In addition, with a baby trolley like Nuna trvl, you would be able to comfortably explore places with your baby when on a trip or out around an environment. 

●    Baby wipes

As a multipurpose item, baby wipes are an essential item you should pack when traveling. You would need wipes from cleaning dirty tables, chairs, runny noses, accidental spills, sticky hands, and dirty bums. 

You should have a baby wipe in every scenario that might occur. When traveling, ensure you have at least a whole pack of wipes in your baggage and another in your baby’s diaper bag. Your priority is to keep your things clean and hygienic, irrespective of what happens. 

●    Baby carrier or front sling 

One of the best ways to carry your baby when traveling is to use a front sling or baby carrier, especially when moving from one terminal or station to another. With this, you will be able to keep your baby close and safe while ensuring that you can move with your luggage. 

You might not know when you will run into uneven sidewalks or places with stairs. 

●    Baby pacifier

Sometimes, it can be annoying when your baby keeps crying. It would even be worse when you cannot find any pacifier close by to stop the screaming. 

Therefore, you must have a few when traveling. Irrespective of whether your baby is always hungry, having a pacifier close by will ensure you have a silent and good night’s sleep.  

●    Additional clothes

You might have some baby clothes in your bag, but that might not be enough when your baby’s diaper leaks, becomes dirty, or something is dropped. Therefore, it would be better to have more clothes close by for a quick change. 

It is recommended to have two clothes for your baby to wear every day with some extras in your diaper bag.

●    Baby toys 

Another critical item to pack when traveling is your baby’s favorite toy, especially ones that you can secure to the troller so they don’t get lost. 

That’s A Wrap 

Traveling with your baby can be a new experience that your baby should enjoy. Therefore, you should keep some things in mind to ensure their safety, hygiene, and comfort the entire time. Doing this ensures you and your baby make good memories and have a wonderful trip.


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