Corsica Vacation Planning Checklist


The island paradise of Corsica off the coast of southern France is a hot location for vacationers. The island is packed with diverse landscapes from rising mountains to sandy beaches. It offers its tourists an adventure-filled stay with hiking, sailing and scuba diving. 

It has a rich heritage with its strategic location being the struggle of many Mediterranean powers. The influence left behind by all its rules can still be felt today in its architecture and the language which makes it perfect for a holiday. It remains the wild west of Europe with its powerful natural setting and fresh air. 

Any travellers taking the time to visit the island will surely not be disappointed. The island has scenic beaches, luxurious Corsica villas, exhilarating adventure sports, and there is a lot to experience. However, before you decide to visit the island, be sure to follow these useful tips for a great holiday.

Book a flight or a ferry

Corsica has four international airports. But direct flights to and from the island are few. If there is no direct flight for your nation, you can simply visit any neighbouring coastal country and book a ferry. 

Get a vehicle 

The roads and streets in Corsica are well maintained and widespread. To quickly get around, get yourself a bike, or a car. You can book your vehicle on the ferry itself if you’ve chosen to take one.

Decide the duration

You want to plan out the duration of your stay in Corsica. Once you’ve figured out how long you plan to stay, you can then sign up for activities accordingly. The island offers its tourists several adventure sports. You can choose to go scuba diving in the ocean, take up hiking in the mountains or go sailing on a boat.

Book a luxury villa

The island has several luxury Villas in Corsica for tourists spread across attractive locations. The main cities are Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Bastia and Calvi have plenty of hotels, villas, and holiday houses. From these places, you can reach the rest of the island easily.

Take a trip to the beach

The beaches are the main selling point of Corsica. You can not simply visit the French Island and not go to the beaches. There are so many beaches that you’ll be spoilt for choices. They are beautiful and will leave visitors speechless. 

Visit the inland

It has a rich heritage and is filled with ancient castles, old buildings and enchanting villages. If you are into history, you will likely enjoy your trip inland. There is also the natural topography of the island to explore such as its mountains and forests which are a biodiversity treasure.  

Visit the restaurants

The culinary skills of Corsicans are nothing to scoff at. It has an ancient culinary tradition and there are several must eat dishes like grilled fish, veau aux olive and bouillabaisse that you have to try out. 


In the words of Napoleon, the best way to know Corsica is to be born there. Not everyone can be born in Corsica though. So visitors will have to make do with just enjoying their holiday on the island. Nicknamed the isle of beauty the small island is bound to leave a lasting impression on visitors. With its stunning beaches and beautiful terrain, visitors will experience the time of their life. 


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