Tipsy Tips to Throw The Best Summer Party this Season


Summer is the best time for parties and outings. But you may still want to avoid planning one at your favorite party venue. The virus is under control, but the risk persists. So hosting gatherings at home makes sense. However, you need to think outside the box to make them different and entertaining. Go the extra mile if your guest list includes people who love to indulge. After all, you want to make your events memorable for everyone, and there are easy ways to do it. Here are some tips for hosting the best summer party for your tipsy gang this season. 

Pick the Outdoor Venue

Outdoor venues are great for this time of the year because the weather is warm and comfortable. It gets even better when you have alcohol on your menu because guests are likely to enjoy getting tipsy under the stars. Set up a barbecue in your backyard or on the balcony, string some lights, and play your favorite music for a great get-together. As a bonus, you can ensure social distancing easily in the open.

Choose a cool menu

A great party is about a cool menu, so take your picks wisely. Consider the food preferences of your buddies. For example, you will need to add some vegan options to the list if some guests follow the Veganism trend. Consider planning a potluck if food prep seems like a massive burden. Your gang will be happy to do their bit, and the party becomes all the more exciting for everyone. 

Think beyond beer and wine

Think beyond beer and wine if you want the tipsy gathering to be even more thrilling. You can go innovative by adding vapes to the menu this summer. Seasoned vapers will love the idea, and newbies are likely to be excited about trying their hand at vaping. Arrange disposable vape kits in different flavors to make the event even more exciting. Try Purple Crush Dot GO, or pick a fruity flavor. Your guests will love to experiment, regardless of their skill and experience levels. 

Create a good ambiance

The ambiance is as important as food and drinks when it comes to hosting a get-together for your fun-loving friends. Whether the venue is indoors or outdoors, ensure a comfortable sitting arrangement. Aromatic candles are a great way to light up the space and create a relaxing atmosphere as your guests get high. You may even pick a theme and deck the area accordingly.  For example, if you’re planning to have murder mystery party games, you’ll want to set the mood accordingly.

Prioritize safety

Nothing matters more than safety when throwing a drink-and-dine party for your gang. Ensure that no one goes overboard with drinks and vapes. Keep an eye on the beginners because an intoxicated guest is the last thing you want to deal with. It is equally crucial to arrange a designated driver to drop people home. Alternatively, you make arrangements for an overnight stay so that they need not drive back.

Planning a memorable summer party for your gang need not take a lot of work. Be creative and follow these practical tips to host a great one! 


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