In Love With Biking? Here’s How to Make Every Expedition Summer-Proof!


So you’re itching to embark on a summer adventure? Now’s probably the best time to start, or commence your preparations at the least! With warmer months comes the innate feeling of wanderlust that we all eventually give in to. While some choose to visit laidback and scenic destinations, the others are thrill-seekers searching for their next adrenaline rush. Biking is also an amazing sport that can make your vacations even more fun. If you love chasing Georgian dirt roads and paths less frequented, planning a trail is a must this summer. While you may have the logistics of this trip right, the summer also brings to attention a checklist that you need to follow. If you want to have a great time in the outdoors without the feat of slowing down, follow these tips! 

1) Pick the right seats: Your biking trip can include smooth roads or bumpy trails. No matter what the terrain looks like, you need to be prepared to handle the change in trajectory. Not having a shock-absorbant and comfortable seat can spell trouble for your back and groin in the long run. For the same reason, we urge you to check the condition of your seat and replace it with a comfortable one that can withstand several hours of wear. If you have a new bike, chances are the seats are from the default model, which may need a seat covering. 

2) Wear the right attire: While biking makes your want to enjoy the breeze against your skin, doing so in the summers could be detrimental. The hot air and breeze can make your skin lose moisture very quickly, leading to dehydration. Additionally, direct sunlight falling upon your skin can lead to sunspots and burns that one must avoid. Use a high-spectrum sunscreen and wear light-colored clothes

3) Choose to roll with the pros: Not sure which way to go? The best decision you can take is by signing up with many of the Georgia bike tours that give you extensive coverage. A huge benefit of traveling in groups is that the adventure becomes even more fun with new friends. Adding to it, you don’t have to fear a punctured wheel or problematic terrain in low lights because you’d have the experts to help you out. 

4) Carry offline maps: No matter how simple your path is, make sure to have the offline GPS of the area you’re biking in. If not you, someone else in need of assistance and help could use it. Not only is this a lifesaving tip, but it also helps you understand the roads ahead. 

5) Hydration and sustenance: Biking is a highly physical activity, which is why you need to keep glucose and water with yourself. Stock up on granola bars and water to ensure you’re never running out of energy. Take frequent breaks to snack on energy bars so that you can withstand the warmer climate.

Wrapping Up: 

When you’re prepared from a 360-degree point of view, your biking trip becomes even more exciting than before. Whether its an impromptu plan or a long-awaited one, these tips will keep you safe and active!


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