Top 6 Delicious Meals to Pair with a Bottle of Wine

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The history of wine-making goes back to 8,000 years spent on perfecting the craft and making new recipes. Wine has class and also comes in numerous varieties with exciting tastes. With wine, there is always something new to discover with its different types.

Although some rules regarding pairing certain foods with wine tend to be too strict, you can pretty much eat with whatever pairing you prefer. But if you have a party or dinner coming up, you can plan a defined menu with wine that can complement every dish.

Here are some perfect meals and wine pairings for your next dinner:

Burgundy with Earthy Meals

Enjoy a glass of Burgundy with dishes that have a lot of vegetables and herbs. It offers a perfect mix of earthy and sweet tastes that will set your mood right.

The elegant taste it offers brings out the flavors in earthy dishes like squash, basil, apples, etc. Its pleasure comes from its floral and delicate aroma.

Pinot Grigio with Seafood

You can enjoy the delicate flavors of seafood dishes by pairing them with a bottle of simple wine. Pinot Grigio is one of those wines with a soft and subtle taste that lets you enjoy most seafood meals.

With aromas of lemon, pear, and peach, it is a white wine served as a refresher on a hot summer’s day. When this wine is paired with fresh seafood from oyster delivery in Sydney, it lets you savor the taste with its citrus and acid texture.

Sangiovese with Tomato-Based Dishes

When making a delicious Italian dish like spaghetti, pizza, or pasta, your choice of wine should be Sangiovese, and it works amazingly in balancing the acidity of tomatoes.

The fact that this wine is from Italy makes it even more perfect for tomato dishes. With mesmerizing scents of cherries, figs, and roses, this wine offers a fruity taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon with Lamb Chops

Lamb chops and other meat dishes are usually rich in spices and herbs like rosemary, oregano, garlic, and much more. This wine complements the rich seasonings and tends to elevate the pleasure of eating.

The dark color of this wine adds pleasure to the eyes and decorates any dinner table. Cabernet Sauvignon is a reliable choice to complement juicy red meat dishes whenever dining out or having a relaxing dinner at home.

Frappato with Grilled Chicken

A simple dish like grilled chicken is a go-to dish for summers. The spicy and fatty skin taste goes well with a red wine like Frappato. Made with basil and fresh strawberries, it offers a splendid and rich flavor.

Frappato fruit has all the qualities to make a very versatile wine. During an outdoor summer barbecue, you can serve a chilled glass of this wine to your guests.

Zinfandel with Salty Snacks

When having a relaxing evening with your friends, you can offer Zinfandel wine with snacks like chips and pretzels. It impressively complements the salty taste with its unique sweet and smoky flavor.

It is a versatile wine for all seasons, and a glass of it can be enough for you to rejoice because of its high alcohol content. 


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