CROWN ROYAL Launches ‘A Whole New World of Cocktails’ Campaign

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NEW YORK, September 23, 2021 — For Crown Royal consumers, living royally is about celebrating the people, places and experiences that surround you. That’s why Crown Royal is paying tribute to them with the launch of a new campaign to support Crown Royal ready-to-drink cocktails. The campaign shows a range of places and spaces to enjoy the effortless new cocktails, kicking off in a fully immersive block party before taking you on a royal journey to a game of pickup basketball, gaming with friends, picnic in the park, and finally to a rooftop party.

To create the Crown Royal ready to drink cocktail world, an entire set was custom created using 3D printing technology, then hand painted and assembled to come alive in the hero ads. The ad will air across CTV, digital, social and OOH and will be supported by a fully immersive experiential platform.

Crown Royal has created a new world of cocktails that is really reflective of our consumer — vibrant, multi-faceted and a lot of fun,” said Nicky Heckles, Vice President at Crown Royal. “Each delicious ready-to-drink cocktail allows you to experience classic Crown Royal flavor combinations to the fullest, at any occasion where friends or family can enjoy together.

The cast features Toronto-based, hip-hop artist DijahSB (they/them), whose track is used in the new ad and purposefully sets the upbeat vibe. In their newly released song titled “So Good,” they are leveraging the ad as their track’s official release in conjunction with the launch of the new Crown Royal ready-to-drink cocktails creative platform. Professional gamer Erin Ashley Simon also joined the cast where she can be seen living her passion: gaming! The gaming influencer recently joined the Crown Royal team in a new gaming, sports and music series on Facebook called The Crown Crossover.

The primary cast was scanned at various global locations around the world including Ukraine, Spain, Los Angeles, and Toronto to be 3D printed for use in the spot. To further bring this 3D world to life, the secondary cast was selected from ready-to-print three dimensional models — which included everything from people to cats and dogs — to invite consumers into the Crown Royal ready-to-drink cocktails party.

With three award-winning flavors, consumers 21+ can choose from Washington Apple featuring Crown Royal whisky, apple and sparkling cranberry flavors; Whisky & Cola featuring Crown Royal whisky and cola; and Peach Tea featuring Crown Royal whisky, peach flavor and brewed tea. All three delicious flavors are best served chilled and are appearing on shelves now. The ABV for each Crown Royal Cocktail Can is 7% and the suggested retail price for a 4-pack of each flavor is $14.99 and the suggested retail price per single can is $3.99.

Whether you choose a block party, BBQ or a living room with friends to enjoy a Crown Royal ready to drink cocktail, please drink responsibly.


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