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When the pandemic first hit, the world came to a standstill. Things gradually got on track through the first year, and 2021 ushered in the new normal. Life is moving towards normalcy, yet the new normal is different. Like everything else, pandemic partying is also not the same. Social distancing is the rule that hosts and guests have to follow. But it doesn’t have to deprive you of the fun and excitement of partying with your friends and loved ones. Here are some ideas worth trying in the new normal.

A themed virtual get-together

Despite the widespread vaccine rollouts, the virus is still here and causing apprehensions. You can continue with virtual partying to stay extra safe in the new normal. But you can make it different with a themed get-together. Consider your guest list and choose a theme that works for everyone. You may choose retro, sci-fi, Hollywood, or anything else. There are countless ideas you can find and explore on the internet. Your guests will love the prospect of dressing up and creating a décor according to the theme. Decide the menu for everyone, and you can all be a part of one big party.

A cannabis outdoor party

If you have a gang of cannabis-loving friends, a weed party is another perfect idea for post-pandemic times. Make it an outdoor event so that you can rest assured about social distancing. Have your food and drink list ready early because you will have to plan a bit. Whether you buy food or drinks, make sure you have a good look at marijuana packaging before picking the products. Good packaging ensures the credibility of the brand and the integrity of the products. If you choose such products, you will not have to worry about the safety of the edibles and drinks you serve at the party. Don’t forget to display the contents of each item on the menu. It will enable your guests to consume safe dosages and have a good time.

A potluck event

Another party idea worth trying this year is a potluck event. Money is running tight for everyone these days, and throwing a full-fledged party may burden your finances. Why not organize a potluck party where everyone on the guest list can do their bit? It is a great way to get everyone involved without burdening anyone. You can even choose a common venue like a public park, but check the guidelines for gatherings before planning the event. Alternatively, you can organize the party in your backyard if the space is big enough to accommodate guests. Potluck parties require some planning as everyone needs to know what they have to bring. Just use your organizational skills, and you can make it a success!

These party ideas are worth exploring in the pandemic. They promise fun and excitement without toppling your budget. Pick the one that works for you, or try all of them this party season.  But make sure you prepare your guest list wisely as you cannot go slack with social distancing. 


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