Ferry Travel During the Pandemic: Tips for an Amazing Trip

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If you’re planning to travel by sea soon, it is important that you have a list and guide to check your essentials. This is our recommendation for sea travelers so that they stay comfortable and carefree throughout their trip.

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Travel Documents

We highly advise you to download all the required boarding documents on your mobile device or tablet 72 hours before the trip. Most ferry organizations like Charter Junks Hong Kong offer e-ticket facilities, ensuring that your boarding process is faster. It also helps when you have little kids or pets with you and waiting in long queues is not an option. We know how annoying it is to search for your ticket while staying in a queue or lose internet connection when you are next in the boarding check. 

Food for your boat trip

Consider preparing your snacks at home. Make something that can be easily stored in your duffle bag or suitcase and won’t leak or stain the other contents. We also recommend you avoid chocolates and any items that could melt because of the heat. It is always great to look out for others, so why not bring a few extra candies for your friends if they need them. Finally, carrying a flask with water is always a great idea, especially if you don’t prefer to drink filtered water from other places.

Pass your time on the ferry

A boat trip can be particularly long, so carry your playing cards, board games, and novels. When Instagram scrolling begins to bore you, and you have already scanned out every nook of the ferry, keep your mood upbeat by playing a round or few UNO apart from the on-deck entertainment activities. Beware that it can get extra windy on the deck, ensuring that you bring something to hold cards down on the table and book pages in place. 

Ferry travel and Wi-Fi

Are you planning to catch up on your favorite movie during the trip? We suggest you download it on your phone or device in advance. Being proactive is essential, as connecting to the ferry Wi-Fi (if available) or your mobile data in the midst of the sea might be difficult. In addition, ferries have power plugs, but it’s recommended to carry a power bank along in case there are no plugs available when you need them.  

Clothing choice for the ferry ride

If you think that traveling by ferry during summers means it will always be hot, you might want to think again. We advise all passengers to pack a hoodie or jacket to keep warm since the windy deck or air-conditioned indoor space can be pretty chilly. It can sometimes turn colder indoors than on the deck. make sure that you bring the necessary clothes to stay warm and comfortable throughout the trip, especially for longer journeys.

Ferry travel during COVID-19 

This year, traveling safely and responsibly even when everyone gets vaccinated is the theme. It is vital to protect yourself and those around you. So, wear a mask on all ferries, use a sanitizer and follow the announced safety protocols. Before you travel, monitor the news, including advice for passengers during the coronavirus outbreak and regional coronavirus updates. 

Quick Sea Travel Checklist

Essential Documents: Be sure to pack and keep any or all of the below within reach at all times.

  • Driver’s license/ Other government photo ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Boarding pass
  • Passport/Visas (Valid for at least six months from when you return)
  • Travel Documents/reservation itinerary
  • Credit or ATM Cards/Cash
  • Immunization records

Carry-On: Pack your carry-on bags wisely with essential items for quick outfit swaps or the “worst-case scenario.” If you are cruising, you may want to use the pool once you board, but the suitcases you check in may not get delivered to your cabin right away. So make sure to carry items you need along. Also, keep a daypack or beach bag, which can double for excursions or outings during your trip, keeping in mind there may be liquid volume restrictions depending on your travels.

  • Bathing suit, sunscreen and hat
  • Change of clothes
  • Extra pair of shoes/flip flops
  • Toiletries and necessities
  • Essential medications, including prescriptions
  • Entertainment for kids or snacks
  • Charging devices for electronics

Travel Basics: Pack these essentials along so you won’t get stuck paying inflated prices at ports of call, onboard or at your destination.

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, contact solution, deodorant etc.)
  • Sunscreen,insect repellant or aloe vera gel
  • Prescription for regular medication and Over-the-counter medications
  • Cameras/Camcorders/memory cards
  • Batteries and power bank
  • Cell Phone and gadget chargers (check your cell service’s roaming expenses)
  • Ziploc bags
  • Electric converter, adapter or multiple plug outlet
  • First aid box
  • Mints for seasickness
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra face masks

Dress for your destination: Some vacations may take you through multiple climates, so bring various options for your travels.

  • Check the weather conditions before embarking
  • Plan the outfits for each day
  • When cruising, carry formal dinner and day outfits
  • Pack some extra clothes and innerwear
  • Comfy shoes and flip flops 
  • Hats,  caps, socks, and sunglasses
  • A carry on jacket for the chill

Extended Vacations: Keep your vacation smooth and organized

  • Foldable shoe organizer for extra storage
  • Clothes hampers/ bags
  • Extra hangers
  • Laundry detergent if you plan on doing some
  • Foldable duffle bag to pack souvenirs/pool bag or additional storage
  • Laptop/tablet

Traveling with Kids: Your little ones may need special attention or entertainment – be sure to pack those extras for them!

  • Card games
  • Portable gaming electronics
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Inflatable pool/beach toys/swimmers
  • Books/puzzle books
  • To-go snacks and beverages
  • Children’s medications
  • Baby wipes, diapers, etc.

Preparing well in advance for your ferry trip will always pay off, so make sure you create a list and tick all the boxes to have a safe and enjoyable trip! Our ferry guide will help you get everything you need without missing out on the details, so follow it meticulously.


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