How to Look Ravishing on Prom Night

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that prom is indeed a night to remember for all high school seniors – can you blame them? It is so much more than just a party that is all about reliving school life with buddies and dancing with their dates.

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, prom was stolen from thousands of high school seniors in 2020. But that’s not going to happen this year. Many schools and parents are likely to hold prom for 2021 class, with security measures, obviously. That’s exciting! So, why settle for a basic party look for your D-day? 

The way you dress and carry yourself on one of the best high school days of your life is going to stick with you forever. Not to mention that the prom of 2021 will be so much different from the one that took place in the past years. There are going to be so many restrictions as compared to the traditional prom. From temperature checks to using sanitizers every time you touch something, 2021 prom night is definitely going to be one of a kind. Despite that, you will have unlimited pretty pictures after following these fashion hacks mentioned below.

Pick THE PERFECT Dress Or Tuxedo

The best part about prom is making you look different and better than your regular school days. Girls shed their tomboy look for a day to look like a movie star while boys get into a tuxedo to look like a prince charming for their date. All in all, everyone looks pretty and handsome. 

But that will happen only when you pick a perfect dress/tuxedo for your special day. The first step to go dress/tuxedo shopping is to look for what’s trending. For instance, if you fancy yourself as Cindrella you can go for a ball gown to feel like royalty for the whole night. You can also pick an off-shoulder dress to look like a star. The choices are endless. In fact, you can also use the opportunity to raid your mom’s closet and make a classic entry to your prom. 

On the other hand, boys can go for a distinctive monotone look with a hint of colour under the jackets. Pick the color of your vest that makes your eyes pop, and you are all done. You can also go for a classic blue tux, and if your date is wearing the same colour, you guys will definitely be a stylish power couple. Also, If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can go for a floral jacket that is so much in style right now. And in doubt, you can always go for a black and white suit combination to pull off the sophisticated evergreen look. 

Pro Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to look for your dress/tuxedo. Otherwise, you might have to settle for the one you don’t even like.

Choose your Accessories Wisely

For your prom night, you might want to go a bit overboard with their accessories. Earrings, necklaces, clutches, you would like to have it all for your big day. But picking up so many accessories can make you look a bit extra. So, once you’ve got your perfect dress, make sure that you choose the right accessories that justify your stunning prom look. 

For instance, if you are going for a strapless dress, pick your mom’s pearls to highlight your neckline. Alternatively, you can also go for shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings to add elegance to the look. If you are going for an off-shoulder Gracian-style dress, you can jazz up your entire look with glittering studs. And if you are planning to keep up with your street look, you can also go for a high-low dress and pair them with something dramatic such as high heels and rhinestone sneakers. On the other hand, boys can go for a classy watch or a matching pocket square to go with the colour of the suit you are going to wear. 

But there is one more thing you would need for their prom night 2021. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about masks to keep you safe from infections. If you are going for the entire night, it should perfectly complement your outfit. For this, you can go for a fit, comfortable, and quality mask that goes well with your attire. From a simple communication mask to a jazzy silk face mask, there are unlimited options for you to wear on your prom night. You can also go for a monochromic mask that matches the colour of your dress or tuxedo. Once you have all the right accessories to go with your prom look, make sure that you keep them safely in one place to avoid any last-minute hustle.

Arm Yourself For Emergencies

Everything in the prom goes smoothly and all your hopes and high school dreams for your special day will come true. But that’s just going to happen in the ideal world Reality Check! There are some emergencies you need to worry about for your big day. From nasty pimples and puffy eyes to stuck zippers and flyaway hair, things can get really complicated at the last minute. But the good news is that with a little bit of preparation everything can be fixed. It will help you relax and think calmly when something goes wrong on the big day. Here’s the list of things you need to do before going to your prom:

Always have a backup dress: What if you find out that the dress you got for your big day isn’t school-approved? Or what if you find out someone else is going to wear the exact same dress? That’s certainly a disaster. So, after finalizing your prom dress, make sure you have a backup dress ready so that you can use it if everything doesn’t go as per the plan. 

Prepare an emergency prom kit:  Before you leave your home to attend your prom night, make sure you prepare your prom bag or clutch with some things that can help you with the issues that pop up on your prom. This emergency prom kit should include gums, extra cash, stain remover pen, band-aids, mini sewing kit, double-sided fashion tape, bobby pins, and mini hairspray. This is the most crucial part of getting ready for your special day.

Do a trial run for your makeup: You might have tried your dress repeatedly to make sure that it fits. Right? You have to do the same with your makeup too. Obviously, you might want to follow a different makeup pattern for your prom. In that case, don’t wait until the last minute to try it out. Test out all the makeup products, especially eyeshadow, foundation, and concealer, to ensure everything dwells with your skin tone. This trial and error method can give you an idea of what products and makeup routine you will use on the final day.

To sum it all up!

From online classes to missed school days, high school seniors have gone through a lot. And prom night 2021 gives them a chance to relive their school days and have fun with their friends. So, use the fashion tips mentioned above and surprise everyone with your gorgeous look on the big day. 


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