More with Less – How to Maximize the Effects of CBD

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When you buy a CBD product, you expect a lot, whether in the therapeutic or recreational sense. Nothing is unrealistic about such expectations when you buy with due diligence, picking a lab-tested product from a reputed dispensary. But there are times you may not get the effects you are looking for, and it probably happens when you do something wrong. It may be a small miss, but you end up with an experience that does not match your expectations at all.

It sounds easy to blame the product and seller, but they are often not the culprits as long as you shop from a legitimate place. Fortunately, getting more with less is completely doable when it comes to quality CBD products and maximizing the effects is easier than you imagine. You only have to follow some rules to get the best outcomes. Let us uncover the simple secrets for you. 

Opt for full-spectrum rather than isolates

Nothing matters more than picking the right product if you want to get the best experience with CBD. It sounds tricky when you start, but you will learn the terminology with time and good guidance. Experts recommend that full-spectrum products work far better than 100% pure CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products are the ones that contain all the active cannabis compounds instead of only CBD. It is vital to brush up on your facts on cannabis first. Cannabis has a complex composition, with hundreds of diverse phytocannabinoids and dozens of different terpenes, and each of them contributes to the effect it delivers. The therapeutic properties are a lot more potent when these components work in combination, rather than by themselves as in isolates. 

Choose a delivery method that works for you

Getting more with less is also about choosing a delivery method that works for you. When you explore the market, you will be surprised by the variety of products accessible. From CBD-high bud to oil and tincture, concentrates, edible goodies, and topical products, you have a wide range of options. Everything boils down to choosing a delivery method that matches your expectations in terms of outcomes. It may take some hit and trial to nail the ideal method, but the effort is worthwhile. Sublingual use is a good idea if you want a quick hit, while edibles are better if you expect sustainable results. Opt for inhalation if you want it to work super fast because the method bypasses the digestive system and CBD reaches into your bloodstream quickly.

Read the directions

Apart from choosing the right products and delivery methods, it is vital to get your facts right before you go ahead. Luckily, you need not do a lot of work as brands and sellers do their bit by providing key facts and information on the product labels. It makes sense to go through them to get directions about usage to get the best outcomes. You can even ask the budtender if you aren’t clear about them. Reputed dispensaries employ experts who are more than willing to guide inquisitive customers. At Lansing East Cannabis Dispensary, the seasoned budtenders offer individual recommendations to every buyer so that you can pick something that delivers to your expectations. Read thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to ask!  

Dose like a pro

This one is a no-brainer; you will absolutely have to dose your CBD right if you want to maximize the effects. Figuring out dosing is a skill you learn with time, though you can start with some guidance from a seasoned user or a budtender. Dosing requires you to consider factors like your age, body weight, and experience level with CBD. Further, product potency goes a long way in deciding the quantity that will get you desired outcomes. Most importantly, your purpose of use and expectations determine the dosage as well. For example, a higher dose will work for pain relief, while you can treat mild nausea only with a small dose. The best piece of advice is to start small and gradually increase the intake. 

Combine with fatty acids

Making a little do more doesn’t entirely depend on the product potency and dosage itself. But some external factors can also make a difference to the outcome of your experience. Another secret that experienced users will share with you is to combine your CBD intake with fatty acids. Foods like coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, fish, eggs, meat, avocado, and nuts make an excellent combination with CBD. The fatty acids protect CBD from being broken down by liver enzymes. It means that the concentration will remain intact even as it reaches your body, and the absorption rates will increase after ingestion, so you can achieve less with more. 

Listen to your body

Even the best products taken the right way may not deliver the same outcome as it does for a friend. The reason is simple- every person has a different tolerance level, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to maximize the benefits of CBD. You have to listen to your body and understand your tolerance levels to learn what really works for you. Someone may get the expected results with a small quantity, but it may not even give you a start, only because your tolerance level is a lot higher. You can consider taking an occasional tolerance break if even high quantities do not seem to work for you. A break cleanses the system and gives it a reset so that you can achieve more with less with future sessions. 

Making conscious efforts to get more with less can do a lot of good to your body and lifestyle. You will end up getting results with only a minimal amount of CBD, which is great from a health perspective. At the same time, it can also help you cut down the budget and make things easier for your wallet even as you experience the immense benefits of these products. Finally, just relax and have a good time, and let your favorite CBD product do the rest! 


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