4 Tips for Travelers When Flying with CBD Oil

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CBD means cannabidiol, which is extracted from marijuana and hemp that helps to treat many diseases naturally. Therefore, it is also called natural medicine. But, there is one complication in that marijuana and other products extracted from hemp are not legalized to transport or travel with. Therefore, many travelers have to leave their CBD products behind, making it a big question for violating the law of a particular state. But with a little knowledge and few tips you can leave worries at home and fly with your favorite cannabis product. 

Without further ado, let’s learn these tricks;

Research is Important

The Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) recently changed its regulations in many states. As per new regulations, you will be permitted to fly with not more than 0.3% THC on dry weight or approved by FDA. The good news, you will be eligible to carry CBD products with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) in prescribed states only. Even then, there will be no issue during security screening, and you can enjoy your favorite products in another state. You just need to find out which states have allowed CBD products. 

Pack CBD Oil With Your Other Liquids

When you are packing CBD oil, do not forget to pack it with other liquids such as aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your bag. Remember, check out the quantity, because as per TSA, you will be allowed to travel with 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. So, do not make your baggage too large with liquids. 

But, the government gave an exemption for infant and child nourishments and medications. So, if you carry full spectrum cbd oil for medical purposes and have a medical prescription for it, you can easily fly with it. Just think about its labeling as it must be clearly labeled to facilitate the screening process. 

Never Try to Hide It

When you are meeting all the legal requirements, there is no need to hide your favorite CBD oil. When you are going through security checks, be confident and let the security check. Bear in mind, when security feels you are hiding something, they can confiscate it and won’t allow you to travel. Therefore, get relaxed and move ahead with proper documentation. 

Time Your Dosing

Packing CBD with all the legal documents does not mean it will help in reducing anxiety. But to reduce traveling stress, you need to take a dose of your favorite CBD product at least 30 minutes before takeoff. It helps in maintaining the bloodstream and reduces your anxiety and stress. You can enjoy your trip stress-free, and even traveling won’t seem as hectic as usual. 

Bottom Line

It is scientifically proven that CBD has many health benefits. So, when you consume CBD before traveling, you can get rid of chronic pain, sleeping issues, and anxiety. Do not forget to read the legal requirements of particular countries or states and carry only allowed quantities. When you have legal documents such as certificates, do not forget to put them at home. 

Have a great journey!!!


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