All About Weed: 5 Marijuana Products That You Can Get High On

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Marijuana used to be illegal, but now 33 states in total have legalized its medical use while 11 of them have legalized even its recreational use. Since the legalization, the use of marijuana and its products has skyrocketed. Most of the products are now available off the street in a legal manner. With such a rise in usage, there is also a rise in the ways in which you can use marijuana to get high. Let’s discuss some of the most popular and favorable ways in which people prefer to use marijuana to get high.


The most typical way to smoke Marijuana is to smoke the bud directly through various means. You can break it up and roll it in a joint or you can also smoke it in a bong. While this method is the most popular, it is not the most efficient way of smoking marijuana. There are other ways that can get you a much more concentrated hit, but this is definitely the most convenient of them all.


Edibles are basically normal food items that have marijuana mixed in them. You can mix marijuana in cookie dough or brownie dough. Once you’re done baking, you simply eat the delicious cookies and wait for the THC to kick in. Edibles can become very potent especially compared to smoking. Edibles are also easier to transport but harder to make than joints.


Another marijuana product but probably more potent than the ones we have discussed. Rosin is basically something that resembles honey but it is not as fluid. It is concentrated THC that is extracted from the flowers, buds, and other parts of the marijuana plant. Rosin is then consumed as rosin dabs. These have to be smoked in proper dab rigs. If you do not wish to buy it you can also get your own diy rosin press to extract the THC at home. One hit can get you as high as a kite, so its street value is a lot more than a simple bud.


Keif is a very valuable product of marijuana. Simply put, keif is just the dust that remains at the end of your crusher once you’re done crushing the weed. It is known to be very potent. Since it takes a lot of crushes and joints to collect it for a single joint, keif is very expensive. People spend years collecting keif. It is obviously a lot more expensive than regular bud and also harder to come by.


Probably the most potent out of all the marijuana products, it is one of the fastest-growing forms of drugs in the market. It looks almost like Rosin but has a much higher THC content due to the simpler and direct method of extraction. Just like Rosin, shatter too has an expensive street value and is being exported illegally to many places in the world due to demand.

With so many ways to get high using marijuana, you might sometimes get confused regarding what to try or simply get bored of using the same old way. There are many other ways that one can get high with weed but you can check out the most popular ones in this article.


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