Why Beer May Be a Good Choice for Regular Drinkers

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Everyone has their favored beverage of choice, especially when it comes to alcohol. Some love wine time, others are cocktail crazy, and then there are those who believe that beer is best. What drink you prefer depends on your taste preferences, and no one option is better than any other.

However, that doesn’t mean that certain beverages don’t have their perks. Just look at beer. 

If you don’t yet have a go-to alcoholic choice and you’re wondering what to start drinking, this may be the best option to consider. There’s a reason for this – several, in fact – which this article is here to fill you in on.

It’s Not That Calorific

If you’re worried about your weight, drinking alcohol regularly may not be the best idea. However, while such beverages don’t tend to appear in weight loss programs, it’s pretty clear that some are better for you than others.

When it comes to calorie counting, beer fares pretty well compared to many other alcoholic options. A standard bottle of beer is relatively similar to an average glass of wine, and it’s even better if you go light. That can be a good idea if you plan on knocking back several bottles because it’ll be the calorific equivalent of having 1-2 cocktails.

It’s One Of The More Natural Alcoholic Drinks

There’s a growing desire for food and drink products to be natural. Not only is it generally better for the planet, but it’s also usually beneficial to your health too.

If you’re someone who values this quality, then beer is definitely a good beverage option to go with. After all, it doesn’t need artificial preservatives because it’s full of natural ones. That means you don’t really need to worry about putting a load of unfamiliar chemicals into your body while enjoying a few pints.

Obviously, some beers pride themselves on being more organic than others, but they’re all relatively natural at the end of the day.

Its Variety Means There’s Something For Everyone

If you ask a bartender to get you a beer, it’s rare that such a request won’t require elaboration. After all, the amount of beer that’s available in the world is quite staggering. There are so many breweries crafting their own version of this beverage that competitions are hosted on both local and national levels to identify which ones are the best. How many beverages garner that level of attention?

The Stray Dog Brewing Company, a brewery in Ottawa, is very familiar with such competitions, having placed high in several of them over the years. If you’re looking to find a good beer out of the wonderful variety available in the world, theirs is some of the finest that Canada has to offer. They even have feedback from various certified beer judges to prove it. 

What you get from this microbrewery in Ottawa is a take on the beverage that’s different from the thousands of other versions out there. Plus, there’s the added benefit that it’s crafted by people who really care about creating excellent beer, which is always a good sign.

It Can Potentially Help With Cholesterol

How often do you hear health experts talking about cholesterol? It’s become a great source of interest recently because high cholesterol has become prevalent, causing far too many health issues.

The good news is that if you want to avoid developing heart disease and other related problems, beer could prove useful. Some research in mice has suggested that regular consumption of the beverage could reduce cholesterol deposits in the liver and the aorta. More research is needed before any major claims can be made. However, it certainly seems that beer doesn’t negatively impact cholesterol, which is obviously something worth celebrating.

It Has Plenty Of Science-Backed Health Benefits

These potential effects on cholesterol aren’t the only great thing about beer. It seems there’s been a fair few studies that highlight possible health benefits of the beverage, such as a lower risk of diabetes and stronger bones. The suggestion that it can also reduce inflammation, boost your brainpower, and just generally help you live longer certainly makes beer seem like the best drink for you.

Obviously, these findings are based on individual studies, so more research may be needed for a more definite answer. Plus, this doesn’t mean you should start drinking a whole pack of beer every day and expect it to make you the healthiest person around. Consuming that much regularly will probably have the opposite effect, so make sure you always drink your alcohol in moderation.

Nevertheless, these possible benefits aren’t something to ignore, especially if there’s science backing them up.

The alcoholic drink that’s right for you generally depends on what appeals to your taste buds. However, if you’ve never given beer a try, or you’re contemplating enjoying the beverage more regularly, then hopefully, this article has shown you the good that can come from it.


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