Celebrations: 5-6 Unique Gifts for your Girlfriend

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It is not easy to express your love and affection to your loved one all the time. Gifts are a great way of showing your girlfriend how much you care about her. For couples, holidays are the best time for gifting, but do not discount birthdays and anniversaries. It is an amazing feeling to know how much you are appreciated, and gifts are the perfect way to let your loved one know. We have curated a list of unique gifts that you can gift to your girlfriend at any opportunity. She will surely love these gifts.

A customized map of her favorite place

If you have a big anniversary celebration coming up, take your girlfriend out to a romantic dinner and give her this thoughtful gift. You can have a customized map made up of anywhere in the world. Choose locations such as the place where you first met, your girlfriend’s hometown, the place where you took your best trip together, or even the place you had your first date. This is quite an intimate and personalized gift that is pretty inexpensive. A company called Grafomap is the best for getting this gift.

Plan a trip

What could be better than surprising your girlfriend with a romantic getaway? Gifting an experience is much better than gifting something materialistic. Giving your loved one the memories of a lifetime can be cherished throughout. If you need help planning, Journey is a startup that matches you with an expert travel planner. They help design the ideal getaway for only $25 per day and include things such as restaurant reservations, booking hotels, and even keeping local spots in mind. A completely planned trip can be quite a good experience.

A glass pipe

Many countries are slowly and steadily legalizing the use of not only medical but also recreational use marijuana. If your girlfriend is an avid smoker who loves weed, maybe it is time to gift her a cool stoner accessory. Any stoner girlfriend would love a girly glass pipe that is both pretty and durable. You can even think of gifting this to her on 20th April (4/20), which is cause for a celebration for every stoner. 

Jewelry case

Every girl owns at least some pieces of small and delicate jewelry. They also know that it is quite hard to keep track of it. Gift your girlfriend a jewelry case so she never loses those earrings she loved again. It is quite a personalized and thoughtful gift, especially if you are planning to give her jewelry in the near future. You can get a premium leather case that looks classy and can be monogrammed with her initials as well.

A zodiac sign necklace

If your girlfriend is into astrology and horoscopes, what is better than gifting her a zodiac sign necklace? You can get a good quality one that is quite affordable at Mejuri. They have necklaces available in gold vermeil that has white sapphires of AAA quality.

It is quite hard to find the perfect gift that can help you show exactly what you feel. Choose from these unique list of gifts that any girlfriend would love.


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