HOP WTR: Buzz Without the Booze

Hop Blood Orange

Los Angeles – Hops have been used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer since the 9th century. Yet, using hops to make non-alcoholic beer alternatives is a new trend, and HOP WTR is setting the precedent. HOP WTR isn’t just a beer alternative, it’s a healthy zero calorie, zero carb, zero sugar refreshing beverage infused with stress reducing adaptogens and nootropics that provide a feel-good buzz, without a drop of alcohol.

I looked at the market for good alternatives to beer, but non alcoholic beer either tastes bad, has too many calories, or both!” says founder Nick Taranto. “Plus, there is no feeling or function that comes with drinking non-alcoholic beer. When I couldn’t find The Healthy Alternative to Beer, I decided to go create it.

To create the mouth-watering taste, reminiscent of your favorite IPA, HOP WTR adds a blend of Columbus and Centennial dry hops to big-bubbled sparking water. That produces boastful notes of citrus, resinous pine, hints of stone fruit, dank resin, and earthy bitterness on the finish for a thirst-quenching, itch-scratching flavor found in the ‘Classic’ HOP WTR.

Not resting on flavor profile alone, HOP WTR is infused with a propriety stack of nootropics, supplements that boost your brain’s function by targeting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine to improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

HOP WATR Blood Orange

We figured if we could make a delicious drink that gives us a buzz and improves memory, decision-making and creativity, who wouldn’t want that?” says Taranto, adding that the adaptogens and nootropics will feel different for everyone, generally ranging from focused calm to uplifting euphoria. He explains, “The ingredients in HOP WTR adapt to your body. Your unique neurochemistry and hormones, along with sleep quality and stress levels, all have an effect on how adaptogens and nootropics affect you.

In addition to the Classic, HOP WTR comes in Mango and Blood Orange with Lemon Lime on the way.

It’s available nationwide now at HOPWTR.com, Amazon, and at all Erewhon locations in Los Angeles, CA.


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