Must Try: Luxury Brand, BILLIONAIRE’S ROW Cuvée XO Cognac


Billionaires Row is a unique lifestyle brand that develops and markets luxury goods, including champagne, cognac, and brandy. We had the opportunity to try out their Cuvée XO Cognac; an expression of the French savoir-faire, the art about blending and aging. Created in France and extracted with the best flavors, their high-quality cognac has a distinct and modern taste that is perfect for any occasion.

Whether served “neat”, “on the rocks”, or mixed in cocktails, this cognac is the perfect pairing for whatever you’re in the mood for. Filled with orange peels, prunes, vanilla, caramel, and other fruits, the flavor is balanced to perfection.

We opted first for on the rocks, to really taste the hints of flavor. Its initial taste is spicy, followed by hints of fruit, vanilla, and caramel; light and fruity. It’s perfect for sipping.

However, we then decided to get somewhat creative and mixed up one of the most well-known cognac cocktails; The Sidecar; made with Billionaire’s Row cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice. It was excellent. The cognac didn’t overpower the cocktail, with sweet and subtle hints of fruit flavor.

Billionaire’s Row Cuveé XO Cognac

If you’re looking for a bottle to get into that French savoir-faire mood, check out, the established e-commerce leader in premium and luxury spirits.


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