HOW TO: Plan an Atlantic City Vacation on a Budget

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With so many things to see and do, Atlantic City is an excellent place for a vacation. There’s one problem – the price. According to Budget Your Trip, you should expect to pay almost $1,500 for a couple for two weeks. That’s based on spending $99 a day on everything barring accommodation, which is an extra $100 per day. For most people, the amount might be high enough to encourage you to swerve New Jersey and everything its main attraction has to offer. However, AC has plenty of ways to entertain you without indulging in its five-star restaurants and fancy, land-based casinos. This is how to have fun on a budget in Atlantic City.  

Stay in the Hotel Casinos  

The casinos are major draws for travelers, with 27 million visitors a year descending on the seaside resort to try their luck on the tables. But the main draw for guests who have a strict budget is the inexpensive rooms. Traditional casinos are notorious for their affordable accommodation since the biggest revenue stream is the casino floor. Atlantic City’s casinos generated $3.3 billion in revenues from casinos in 2019, which shows the scope of the establishment’s profits. Therefore, they can afford to provide cheaper rooms to guests, something you can take full advantage of if you don’t have a bottomless budget.  

But Don’t Play There  

Doesn’t staying at the hotel casinos increase the chances of you spending more on gambling, food and entertainment, such as shows? Typically, this is the case, as highlighted by the success of the casino’s business strategy in AC. However, there is an alternative if you don’t want to be lured in by the floor’s bright lights – online. New Jersey online casinos have been available in some capacity since 2011, and this is good news for budget travelers because they have lots of free offers and bonuses to make your wagers less expensive. As the link shows, you can secure promos from hundreds of dollars of blackjack and poker credits to deposit bonuses of up to $3,000, meaning you can use a bonus to lessen the risk of the games you’re playing. As long as you choose a suitable offer, you won’t have to fret about spending your budget on entertainment and food in the hotel.  

Take Advantage of the Freebies  

Outside of the casinos, whichever you prefer to play, there is a plethora of free stuff in AC for visitors to enjoy. Being on the coast, it’s a perfect place to relax on white, sandy beaches and soak up the sun. There’s a 5-mile stretch of public beach with lots of space, so it’s great for whiling away the afternoon without opening your wallet. AC has a great farmers’ market, yet the jewel in the crown is the free concerts in the summer. At Kennedy Plaza, which hosts weekend concerts throughout July and August, you’ll catch bands and musicians that play reggae, rock and roll and pop classics.   

The key to an Atlantic City vacation on a budget is to take advantage of the casino offers, online and traditional, and to turn up at the right time of year to take in the weather and the music. 


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