VOLCAN DE MI TIERRA Launches a New Reposado


New York, NY & Jalisco, Mexico – Volcán de Mi Tierra, the first premium tequila brand from Moët Hennessey, today unveiled Volcán De Mi Tierra Reposado, the latest addition to the brand’s prestigious collection of premium, hand-crafted tequilas. Created in collaboration with Jalisco’s prominent Gallardo family, the new expression from Volcán marries tradition with innovation in delivering a seamless union of agave, terroir and wood.

The new Reposado was inspired by and brought to life through the Volcán De Mi Tierra mantra of 100% Heart. The mantra is an appreciation for the heart, care and craftsmanship that is applied to each step of the deeply inter-connected process of creating each and every bottle of Volcán Tequila. 100% Heart represents the passion, dedication and commitment of each member of the Volcán family, from the growers in the agave fields and cooperage partners to the distillery team, the Gallardo family and Volcán brand team.  

Harmoniously at one with nature, Volcán Reposado embodies the perfect union of agave, terroir and wood. At the heart of Volcán Reposado is 100% blue agave from the high-lands, delivering a soft yet rich flavor that is free of additives. Each bottle considers and respects time and the ageing process, consisting of liquid that rests for 135 days in new casks made of American and European oak. This allows for a delicate yet complex interaction between the liquid and the wood and ultimately results in a pleasant release of toasted tobacco notes alongside those of pineapple, light citrus and honey, creating a smooth and balanced finish. 

Over the last three years we have poured the utmost heart and passion into building the Volcán De Mi Tierra brand. Each day we are proud to share a beautiful collection of super premium tequilas that celebrate the unique culture, provenance and terroir of Jalisco,” said Trent Fraser, Managing Director of Volcán. He added, “Today, after dozens of trials and thoughtful experimentation, Volcán De Mi Tierra and the Gallardo family write a new chapter in our story with the introduction of Volcán Reposado. Like our Blanco and Cristalino expressions, Volcán Reposado embodies 100% Heart across each and every one of the meticulous steps of the Volcán journey.” 

Launched in 2017, Volcán De Mi Tierra’s true beginnings date back over 200,000 years when a volcano – aptly named Tequila – erupted, covering the area in volcanic soil and fertilizing the land for prime agriculture. Volcán De Mi Tierra, which translates into ‘land of the volcano,’ is a celebration of provenance and legacy. The brand’s own distillery sits in the lowlands at the base of the volcano and is home to a distinctive distilling process that combines history and tradition with innovation.

Volcán Reposado is best enjoyed neat or with a large ice cube. The new Reposado joins the Volcán family alongside its first two expressions, Blanco and Cristalino. 


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