On a Business Trip in Thailand? Take a Break and Try These Things

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Most of your time on a business trip has been planned for work, but it can allow a few hours or days of your calendar to fit in with some relaxation. Try a short tour of the art gallery during the lunch hour of the day, or see if one day comes to an end a little earlier and you can enjoy a nice city tour. Finding something more to look forward to than corporate meetings would certainly make your journey more enjoyable. In this article, we are going to give you a list of some things to try when you take a break from a business trip to Thailand.


Floating Markets

Thailand’s markets are like no other around the globe. Everyone has their specific style, from the crowds that they draw to the things they offer. Some marketplaces are dedicated to vintage items and antiques, while some are jam-packed with street food. Most of us are familiar with the colorful floating markets of Bangkok through the omnipresent pictures in tourist guides and travelogues. Normally the floating market boats are stacked high with tropical fruits and vegetables, refreshing coconut juice, and local cuisine prepared from floating kitchens right on board. Taling Chan Market, Bang Ku Wiang Market, Tha Kha, and Damnoen Saduak are among other floating markets to visit. Consider relaxing on a guided boat tour of the Damnoen Saduak area, to love the experience without negotiating over costs.

Enjoy a Night to Party

One of the liveliest roads in Phuket, Bangla, is more of a party area. The bars spill out into the streets, making the tunes of intense beats, and bumping grind tunes for locals and tourists to party on. Everybody enjoys good dancing, and this is the spot where Phuket does it. Moreover, Walking Street is a red-light and entertainment district in the city of Pattaya. The street is a popular tourist destination that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, especially for their nightlife. The neon signs and music blaring are worth a one-night experience. 

Most places are open by 8:00pm, but before 10:00pm, there is not much activity. It comes alive around midnight, and you can find some Ultimate Private Party Club that has a lot to offer. There are different choices, and all the costs depend on what your motives are.

Drive Around the City

Each year thousands of visitors rent a motorbike, or even an E-scooter, and travel around Thailand. If you want to rent a motorbike you will need a driving license from your home country. When you don’t have a Thai license or an overseas license, you will be driving illegally. Exploring by scooter is extremely popular, it is done by a large majority of the locals and tourists. It would be an experience you would not want to miss out on. Often it may seem as though there are no rules on the road but better to be careful. It can be a huge amount of fun moving in and out of traffic as you are finding places you would never go on foot. Only note to always know your limits and assume that which is unforeseen. 

In addition, you can even choose to watch a popular Chiang Mai dance show. As part of their stylish routine, you can go to a nearby dance performance and watch the graceful dancers. Traveling for business purposes is relatively common, and getting in some fun is not impossible. Travel is often fun and entertaining to see new places, discover different cuisines, and perhaps even relax a bit.


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