Why is HIBIKI 12 Expensive?

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Are you aware that the shortage of Hibiki 12 Whisky across many restaurants in Singapore is one reason for making it very expensive? Yes, the Hibiki 12 whisky attracts a ridiculous price in most Singapore bars since the rare Japanese whisky brands have seen a series of staid shortages, particularly due to their high demand over the previous few years. Although most blended Japanese whiskies are now available and excellent, for the last few years, the Hibiki 12 Whisky brand exploded in popularity in most major Singapore stores catching the key distilleries off guard and hence driving its prices ridiculously high. Over a short duration, the Hibiki Whisky aged stocks dwindled and escalated their prices to the extreme edge. Officially, it is true that Hibiki Whisky is quite expensive and rare.

However, there are other reasons behind the expensive nature of these Japanese whiskies. For instance, the climate, water, and crafters skills (people). The truth is that Hibiki Whisky is made using extremely pure water flowing from Mt. Fuji has the snowmelt (but this depends on the location of the distillery). Besides, the warm Japanese climate, especially during the summer, enables creating better whisky flavors than in Scotland. Another reason is the people. Yes, many Japanese distillers take great pride in their whisky-making careers, and hence they spend the better part of their careers perfecting their unique art of crafting the perfect whisky in Singapore. So, don’t think of giving up on the Hibiki Whisky hunt because with adequate cash and persistence, you will find the aged Hibiki whisky bottles along with other upcoming and readily available Japanese Whisky blends. Make a commitment today and try Hibiki Japanese whisky and feel the difference by yourself rather than inquiries.

What makes Hibiki Whisky so different from other US blend whiskies ?

Although this particular whisky is molded based on the Scotch traditions, the malt making the Hibiki whisky undergoes double distilling even before transferring it in the wood barrels for aging. This double distilling and warm climate during Japan summer makes its flavors a bit smokey and drier than American sweeter ryes and bourbons.

Which is the best way to enjoy your Hibiki whisky in Singapore?

Apart from the common neat methods, Hibiki Whisky can also enjoy your whisky with mizuwari or warm water. Besides, Singapore’s hot toddy version is also a well-known way of consuming your Hibiki whisky.

What does a Hibiki Whisky highball mean? The Hibiki 12 highball is typically a fizzier type of mizuwari. Here, instead of mixing your whisky with water, you rather mix it with chilled soda or sparkling water in the ratio of 4:1, respectively. You finally add lemon juice or a twist of grapefruit. Remember, the unique whisky blending in Japan is the main skill that makes this whisky so expensive. For instance, much attention and care must be observed to ensure that the right flavors and proportions are maintained by combining the various ingredients and whiskies to make the final original whisky.


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