How to Choose the Perfect Smoke that will go with your Favorite Drink

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Cigar aficionados know the importance of finding the perfect drink to go with their smoke. Not only does pairing your cigars with a beverage enhance its flavor, but it can also bring out the hidden aromas of the drink, providing a better sensory experience. If you are new to smoking, you may not know which pair to choose. The easiest way to get a winning duo is to make sure that neither overpowers the other. This can be a bit tricky to achieve, though. So, if you want an easy guide to follow, check out our next tips on how to choose cigarettes that go well with your preferred drinks.



Follow Your Personal Taste

Although some pairs work better than others, you should not let that dictate which drink or cigar to choose. What may be a great mix for someone who does not necessarily have to appeal to you. For example, if you are a fan of mild cigars, you should not go for full-bodied ones just to be able to mix them with your favorite beverage. Instead, you can come up with an unconventional duo that caters to your taste. After all, you are the one who will enjoy it, so feel free to go against the flow and test out non-traditional pairings to find ones that you like.


Avoid Cheap Cigars

High-quality cigars do not have to cost an arm and a leg, but it goes without saying that good materials are simply more expensive. For this reason, don’t buy the cheapest package you can find then complain about how awful those cigars taste when paired with different drinks. Cigar suppliers point out that good products average at $100 a box. You can also find competitive deals if you look online. Whenever you deal with an e-seller, make sure that their online store provides quality products and regular discounts. To do this, read the reviews their previous customers wrote. This way, you can get more bang for your buck and pair cigars with more drinks.


Don’t Pair Cigars With White Spirits

Even light-bodied cigars cannot be paired with most white spirits. The reason behind this is that drinks like a tonic, gin, and vodka have very dry or ethanol-like profiles, which can ruin the taste and aroma of your smoke. So, avoid pairing these spirits with any cigarette, especially if you do not like mixing them with other beverages. In case you do not enjoy any other type of alcoholic drink, there is a workaround you can try. By adding white spirits to cocktails, particularly fruity ones, you might be able to pair them with light-bodied cigarettes.


Be Careful About Balance

Finding a cigar and a brew that complement each other should be your priority. To do so, take a minute to consider the strength of your favorite beverage. If single malt drinks, such as whiskey, cognac, rum, and bourbon are your thing, you should go for a full-bodied cigar. Mild or light-bodied ones do not pair well with these strong drinks. If you mix a strong beverage with a weak cigar, the former will mask the taste and scent of the latter. On the other hand, somewhat light drinks like white wine go well with mild cigarettes.


Try Flavored Cigars

Often known as “girly cigars,” the flavored variety of smoke can be worth a shot if beer is your go-to drink. In general, beer does not complement cigars. However, fruit beer is a different story altogether. Since some types have a sweet or citrus profile, depending on the fruit used, they can go well with flavored cigars that have a similar aroma. This double effect will amplify the taste of both the smoke and the beverage. Also, who doesn’t like cracking open a cold one every once in a while?


Pair Any Cigar With Coffee

This is a highly unconventional option, but did you know that you could pair almost any cigar with coffee? Yet, you should be careful about how you go about it. For instance, you can spike your cup of joe with some alcohol for a better experience. Just make sure to avoid adding sugar because it can ruin this delicate balance. A splash of cream, on the other hand, can make the pair blend even better.

Finding the best smoke that complements your favorite drink is not impossible as long as you are ready to try new combinations. While the previous tips offer some general guidelines on how to pair drinks with cigars, your personal taste should have the final say. So, be adventurous! Who knows, you may discover a fantastic new pairing.


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