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cold brew coffee

Craving a cold iced coffee in the summer is common. However, many people loathe coffee because they don’t brew it correctly.  A cold brew coffee is the only option you have. Besides the process being easy, you also don’t need modern machines or ninja skills to make a perfect tasting coffee for yourself. So unless you want to go for a pre-made one, just make sure you pick the right coffee and follow these simple steps:

The First Step

Grind your coffee beans coarsely to the extent that they become fine particles. On the grounds of coffee, add some water and let it steep overnight. The strong coffee ingredients will diffuse from the grounds to the water to ensure a strong coffee concentrate is made. Important to note is that during the infusion, even caffeine is diffused into your water.

The best part is that the bitter taste is left behind so the coffee becomes excellent in taste because it is almost sweet tasting. The ratio is that one cup of beans should be mixed with four cups of ice and it would be good if you mix it over ice for increased smoothness of the coffee. When making coffee, the coffee strength level is purely your choice. You can decide to make it stronger by adding little water or weaker by adding more than four cups of water.

Serving Your Coffee

Serving the best coffee for cold brews is not difficult provided you have decided on the kind of taste you prefer. If you want it hot, make sure you add a hot cup of water on to your coffee brew. Be careful not to dilute it in excess because if you do so, it will have a weaker taste than when you mix with a little water. For those who want it cold, you can add cold water or for the purposes of retaining its strength, just keep it in ice. You can also immerse your cup of coffee in a hot water bowl so as to make it warm without adding any water to the coffee.

Those who like some taste of the milk can also add milk to the coffee. Excess milk also makes the coffee taste different from the original coffee taste and scent. For that reason, proceed with moderation to avoid changing the taste. You can even make ice cubes with your coffee so that you can chill with ice cubes at home.

Some Tips to Observe

The first step is to coarsely grind your coffee to ensure you have a perfectly fine collection of granules. When you add water, stir vigorously to ensure all the particles of the grounds are well soaked and ready to release the coffee substance to the water. No matter how fast you want the coffee, it is always good to let it stay untouched for 12 hours to enable the coffee to diffuse into the water. You can then use a small strainer and pour the coffee mixture on top of it to create a coffee concentrate for yourself.


Best Coffee for Cold brew is always the easiest to make. Besides not requiring intense skills, you also don’t need any complicated machine beyond the jar that you will use to store the grounds and water. You can play with the strength of the coffee just by adding a lot or little water. It is advised that you give the beans at least 12 hours for them to filter the coffee concentrate into the water. In the end, you will have a perfect coffee brew that is good tasting and smooth in feeling. You can even make coffee ice cubes.


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