Cookware Materials: How to Pick the Healthiest One

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Nothing beats the feeling of tucking into a delicious, high-quality meal after a day of hard work. It even gets better when you take your time to prepare the food from scratch. Sadly, cooking skills aren’t enough to prepare a healthy and desirable meal, especially if you don’t have the right cookware meant for use on stoves. We assume that you use a stove because that is the most common type of cooking in urban life. In fact, even if a house has other forms such as electricity, a gas stove is always the preferred option.

Moreover, gas stoves and electric stoves function in contrasting ways and will, therefore, require different cookwares. For instance, gas stoves heat up faster than electric stoves and respond rapidly to heat change.

Choosing the right cookware for stove can be quite challenging because of the overwhelming options at your disposal. It can even be crazier if you are a newbie to cooking. Moreover, different cookwares are constructed on different materials to achieve various needs and preferences.

So, what is the best cookware for your kitchen? Well, check out on the following options:


Copper is a superior cookware material that conducts heat extremely fast. It would be best if you went for copper-made pans or pots when you want to meet specific cooking needs such as browning and saucing. However, you must also know that copper can be reactive with certain foods, and that is why you must go for copper material lined with stainless steel. It is also relatively costly, but that shouldn’t worry you much because you’ll enjoy excellent cooking results and durability.


Aluminum-based cookware is what you’ll go if you want stove cookware that is built for all-purpose cooking in a typical modern kitchen. Aluminum is not only scratch-resistant but also budget-friendly, as it is built for longevity and durability. Aluminum is also sturdy and has a better heat distribution, which makes it easy to handle. The fact that Aluminum is also easy to clean makes it an indispensable cookware option for stoves.


Hard anodized cookware options are constructed on Aluminum that has undergone an electro-chemical process to make it harder and safe. The Aluminum part is perfectly sealed so that the metallic parts don’t corrode and mix with food. It is, therefore, ideal for cooking all forms of acidic foods on the stove.


Lastly, you might also want to consider non-stick options because they work for both gas and electric stoves. Non-stick options are mainly varied to meet the cooking needs of chefs who prefer to use either low or no oil at all. However, you must also know that some non-stick coatings wear with time because some options are not dishware safe. It would help if you also insisted on options that don’t contain PTFE and PFOA chemicals for your overall safety. Otherwise, get a high-quality non-stick pan or pot and put your calories and cholesterol intake on the check.

Other things that you may also want to consider when buying the above types of cookware include price and brand. There are many options in both online and physical stores, and so that shouldn’t be a problem.


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