A New Start: How to Get Ready for Dating Later in Life


If you have ended a long-term relationship or find yourself single again later in life, for whatever reason, it can be daunting to contemplate the prospect of trying to find someone new to share your life with.

A good starting point would be to address any underlying issues that are impacting your life such as seeking out an innovative treatment for tinnitus, for example, so that you can focus on getting yourself ready for dating again.

Here are some pointers to help you prepare for what could turn out to be a life-changing search.


If you think back to your early adult years and how awkward it seemed to learn the dating game, you may well recall some embarrassing moments while you were finding your feet and learning about yourself in adulthood.

Fast-forward a few decades or so and the good news is that you have a much greater degree of life experience and confidence in how you are.

That means you should not fear the prospect of dating, but embrace the challenge by making full use of the confidence you have gained over the years. Those life experiences make you an interesting person to talk to and is an attraction that is relevant when you are dating later in life.


A fundamental change in the dating game over the years is the introduction of technology into our lives.

The vast majority of dating action now takes place online and even though that might seem an alien concept it would be a good idea to embrace the challenge and see if you can find love online.

There are plenty of specific dating sites and social groups aimed at connecting people in the same circumstances and age group, so it makes sense to see if you can make some connections and see where it takes you in terms of a relationship.


Dating later in life can feel like a bit of a conundrum as you will probably have the feeling that there is little time to waste with the body clock ticking away at a seemingly faster rate than you are comfortable with.

If you have recently come out of a long-term relationship it still makes good sense to take things slowly rather than jumping in at the dating deep end.

Meeting casually for a coffee is a good starting point, enjoy each other’s company and see where it goes, rather than put too much pressure on yourself to find someone to share the rest of your life with.


Although your primary purpose might be dating someone, a good way to look at this part of your life would be to value the shared experience of doing something interesting together.

If you find someone that shares the same interests as you this will create shared experiences that help you to connect at a deeper level, which could, in turn, create that emotional and affectionate connection you are seeking.

If you are dating later in life, don’t set expectations, just enjoy the challenge and experience and see where it takes you.


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