The Rules of Dating & Drinking


Dating in today’s world is difficult as compared to the past. Most people go for dates with people they barely know just because they have known each other for a week or two. Not knowing each other well makes it difficult to have a free conversation, so they tend to drink a lot during dates.

Many people believe that drinking gives a boost to the ”chemistry” between them and the other person. You end up drinking because you think it makes you a chiller version of yourself to fit into the occasion.

Drinking during a date is not bad, but drinking too much is the problem. It is not a must to get drunk because you can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, especially if your partner is not comfortable. With that in mind, below are some tips on how to balance dating and drinking.

Make Sure There is Communication

Communication is a key factor in successful dating. When you are sober, it’s easy to talk and understand each other – often, this is not the case when drunk. No one would want to date someone who is addicted to drinking.

It’s normal for one to feel uncomfortable on their first date. But when you get to know each other, the tension will go away. You can also check out this website to get more tips on how to get along with your partner, especially if the relationship is new.

If you have to drink, only drink a small amount to avoid leaving a bad impression on the first date. Since confidence is key for you to communicate well with your date, you can grab a little whiskey or wine to get tipsy and gain the confidence that you need.

Be Okay With Being Yourself

When dating, it is always important to be yourself. This helps your date to know what they are getting into. In fact, you will find the right partner. When it comes to alcohol, we all tend to know our limits. Since many dating scenarios include alcohol on the menu, you need to know where the line is.

Also understand why your partner does not drink when you go out. Some are just trying to quit quietly while others just don’t like drinking. You should not pressure them into drinking while on a date. You should not be pressured either if you are not interested. You can still have a successful first date without drinking.

Making Decisions

It is always wise to make decisions with a sober mind. This also applies when you are going for your first date. Since it is the first time you are getting to know the other person, you need to at least limit your alcohol intake.

It will be sad if you make any decisions that you end up regretting because of alcohol. When it comes to decision making, the less drunk you are, the better. Some people may end up taking advantage of you when you are completely drunk.


Alcohol has become a major part of many dates. You should consider following the above rules concerning alcohol while dating for you to have a wonderful time. You can still have some alcohol and have fun during a date.


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