The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine Glasses


If you are a wine devotee, then your house is incomplete without wine glasses as they can be best suited when you are enjoying with your friends or enjoying a relaxing drink after dinner. In the market or on the internet, there are many types of wine glasses to choose from. You can buy a large glass with or without the stem to silicone wine glasses and the list goes on. There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles available that an unfamiliar person may get confused. But remember that when it comes to wine glasses, there is really no right or wrong choice. It is possible to bring out the best in your favorite drop by choosing a wine glass that is best suited to the style that you’re drinking.

For White Wines

Choosing a long stem with a good-sized bowl is best for white wine as an all-purpose as it has enough space for the wine to breathe. It is a basic rule to hold a glass by the stem to make sure the bowl remains cool without the touch of your hand.

Typically a lighter-bodied style of white wines, for example, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling are best suited in a glass with a smaller bowl. The purpose of this is to keep the wine cool and to help release the floral aroma. For fuller-bodied whites like Chardonnay, go for a glass with a larger bowl to really bring out the creamy texture.


For Red Wines

Overall, red wines are best served in larger bowl glasses and generally they come in two shaped glasses; Bordeaux and Burgundy. Red wine glasses with larger bowl are not only limited to give you the pleasure of smelling the aromas, but they bring more air to the wine which helps to release the flavor and softening the tannins.

If you are looking for for an all-round everyday red wine glass then Bordeaux glass is great choice. It is best suited to serve Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australian Shiraz, and even through to Tempranillo or Malbec. For more delicate styles of wine such as Pinot Noir, softer Reds or more medium-bodied Australian Shiraz, the Burgundy glass is perfect.


For Sparkling Wine

There are two types of glasses that enhance the wine in different ways for this wine. First, the familiar flute, and the second, tulip shaped flutes. The familiar flute allows the bubbles to gather at the bottom of the glass then shoot up to the top capturing the aromas and flavors and presenting a stunning display of sparkles. Or, if you are enjoying a sparkling wine with a bit of age or complexity, the tulip-shaped glass still gives you bubbles that also allows more air to hit the wine and really open up the aromas and flavors.



For a great all-rounder, that’s stylish and also really durable, the stemless wine glass is a great choice. But you have to carry them properly as you can warm the wine too much by the heat of your hands. As we said, it is an all-rounder, so you can use this glass to serve and drink juices, sodas, water, and even cocktails.

So whether it is red, white, or sparkling wine, using the right glass can really make a world of a difference. Next time you go to buy a wined glass remember what suits your favorite wine.


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