RON BARCELO Donates 32,000 Liters of Ethyl Alcohol to Help Fight COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic


Miami, Florida (March 2020) – Ron Barceló, a global leader in rum distribution and Cervecería Nacional Dominicana proudly announced that they are joining efforts to help reduce the risk of infection among the Dominican population with COVID-19, recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, in an effort to support to the authorities.

Ron Barcelo

Ron Barceló made available to the Ministry of Public Health the donation of a significant part of its alcohol production to convert it to 75% ethyl alcohol, and later beused as a sanitizer. The product, essential for the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak, would later be delivered at no costin different locations in the Dominican Republic, relying on the distribution force of Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana, its commercial ally.

The executives of both entities expressed their willingness, as socially responsible companies, to contribute with the resources available to them to approach the important situation the country is experiencing due to the threat of COVID-19 and achieve a breakthrough in the fight against this virus. As strategic allies, Cerveceria and Ron Barceló have agreed to donate a product of great importance to counter the progress of the outbreak.

With this donation of sanitizers, the companies will help thousands of Dominicans, thus supporting the efforts of the Public Health authorities. This sanitizer will be distributed only in the Dominican Republic, home of both companies, giving priority to hospitals, health care centers, and other places defined by the authorities.

Ron Barcelo

The companies are working in coordination with the national government to support their efforts and deliver alcohol where it is most needed and thus help the most vulnerable population in the current situation.

Ron Barceló and Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana reiterate, as allies, their commitment to continue contributing to the well-being of Dominican society and urge the population to follow the instructions of the health authorities.


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