A Gustatory Journey through California with GRAY WHALE GIN on National Gin & Tonic Day

Gray Whale Gin
Gray Whale Gin

While quarantined at home this National Gin and Tonic Day (April 9) take your palate on a journey down California’s gorgeous coastline with Gray Whale Gin. The gin features six hand forged or organically farmed botanicals from the Pacific Coast. Limes from Baja, Almonds from the Central Valley, Mint from Santa Cruz, Juniper from Big Sur, Kombu from Mendocino and Fir Trees from Sonoma, all distilled into a clean, gluten free-corn base, the perfect canvas for the botanicals to shine.  A refreshing and well-balanced, Gray Whale G&T is the ideal drink to really taste each botanical in every sip. 

The spirit is packed into a gorgeous light blue bottle, perfect to bring a bit of joy to a home bar cart of liquor cabinet. Gray Whale Gin is not only delicious, but a percentage of the sales from every bottle supports ocean conservation to preserve the home of the majestic gray whale. Gray Whale Gin is available via Reserve BarCaskers and Drizzly (SRP $40)

Stay safe, healthy and have a happy National Gin and Tonic Day! 


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