Celebrate Valentine’s With The New York EDITION’s Rose-Inspired Cocktail


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Lobby Bar at The New York EDITION will be serving up a specialty cocktail taking inspiration from one of the holiday’s most significant symbols- the rose. From February 10 through 15, guests can enjoy the bar’s festive “A Martini by Any Other Name”, which is comprised of Hendrick’s Gin, Lillet, Italicus, bitters, and rose petals. 



A Martini by Any Other Name, $21

A Martini By Any Other Name

“The eternally elegant rose has always been synonymous with romance –it is said that its blooms sprung from the ground where Aphrodite’s tears mixed with the blood of her lover, Adonis; the Romans swathed their bedchambers with bouquets and petals in anticipation of their amorous encounters; a red rose expressed passionate true love in Victorian floriography, a language created to express affections through flowers and their hues. This Valentine’s Day, we suggest you pay homage to the rose too, and convey your love with this floral beauty.”

2oz Hendrick’s Gin

0.75oz Lillet Rose

0.25oz Italicus

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

3 muddled rose petals

Stirred, Nick & Nora, rose petal fan


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