Must-Try Cocktails in Miami Right Now


Yes, mocktails are trendy, but let’s be real, everyone still enjoys a refreshing cocktail after a long hard day at work. Looking for must try cocktails around town right now? Check out these interesting and delicious options.



Orilla Bar & Grill

Herrera: Casamigos blanco, Grapefruit, Yellow Beet, Ginger, Turmeric, CO2, Hibiscus Salt, $12




ShiiToki Manhattan: Shiitake infused toki japanese whisky, Antica formula, Dow’s lbv port, China China liquor, $18

ShiiToki Manhattan



Thandai Sour (India): 1615 Pisco Infused Rose Petals, Rectified Pomegranate, Almond Orgeat, Poppy Seeds, Cucumber Seeds. *Contains Egg White, $16

Thandai Sour (India)


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