Top Tips for Making Tasty Cold Drinks with a Blender


Are you a cocktail lover, but again you feel like lately, you have been overspending at the bar? The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go to the bar or restaurant to enjoy your favorite drink. You can make your cocktails at home and they can still turn out to be as good as the bartenders do.

However, a perfect and tasty frozen drink requires a good blender plus some tips. With time, you will be making blended drinks like a pro. Whether you want to blend a frozen fruit smoothie or just frothy drink, you must do everything right. Otherwise, your drink will turn out to be a mess.

The frozen alcoholic or froth drinks hit the right spot. Imagine the feeling of an alcoholic beverage, but this time with the feel of a frozen refreshing taste. You can enjoy your drink all day long with your friends or as you relax at home on the weekend. When ordering such drinks at a bar, they come out amazingly perfect, but when you try to do it at home, you end up with a watery mess. That is because you are missing out on some tips such as the ingredient portions, the use of frozen fruits, failure to put enough crushed ice, or simply you are making mistakes while using the blender.

There is a range of frozen cocktails you can make this holiday, and with these tips, it is just a matter of time before you become a pro.

Work on ingredients balance

One of the common mistakes that most beginners make is overlooking the liquid ice ratio. If not done right, this aspect will mess up the whole process. The first rule is that you should always start with equal portions of the liquid and crushed ice. After blending your cocktail, you may decide to add some ice depending on how thick you want the drink to be. The same applies to fruits. You should only add more fruits if you want a thicker consistency. If it turns out thicker than you wanted, you can add coconut water or fresh juice to dilute it until you get the desired results.

Get the right blender

This should be the first and most important step before embarking on your cocktail-making journey. Take your time and shop for the right cold drinks blender that can do the work correctly. There are lots of choices in marketing, and selecting the right one can be a bit challenging. Do in-depth research to understand the features of a good cocktail blender in terms of functionality, motor power, and maintenance. Check reviews or ask for recommendations from friends until you get a strong frozen drinks blender.

Refrigerate your spirits and juices

The aim is to achieve a cocktail, and that means that you want it to remain frosty for the longest time. The secret to this is to take time and refrigerate your drinks. This will ensure that you do not end up with a watered-down cocktail. Also, it is recommendable that you chill your glassware. This way, the glass or mug will keep the drink frozen even after serving.

Get the right quality ingredients

Be careful when getting your cocktail ingredients. You will find a range of choices out there, and you should always opt for fresh fruits. Fresh fruits will enhance the taste and flavor of your cocktail. You will not need to add too much sweetener because fresh fruits go a long way. Fresh or frozen fruits are the way to go.

Crushed ice is the best choice

Some individuals tend to overlook this tip as they believe that it is the blenders work to crush the ice. They see no need in using crushed ice without realizing that this step plays a significant role in how the drink will turn out. Crashed ice aims to ensure that you get a smooth consistency, especially if you do not have a powerful blender. You can use a grinder or food processor to crush the ice and then put it in the blender when already crushed for the best results.

With these tips, you will undoubtedly get the best home-made cocktail. Your main concern should be on the blender. You might follow all the other tips, but without a reliable blender, your attempt is bound to fail.


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