Symbolizing the Bond: 10 Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Friendship


When the holidays are coming, it is nice to think about special gifts to give family members and special friends. A personalized piece of jewelry is always welcome. Earrings and pendants with the person’s name may be the perfect gift. When giving jewelry, give quality pieces that will remain attractive and last a long time. Celebrating friendship with jewelry is a time-honored tradition that deserves to be continued. Combining a piece of jewelry with a related gift is also a good choice. If you’re interested, check out Gift Glide for a lot more gift ideas.


Jewelry That Celebrates Friendship

Stylized initials or names on good quality jewelry lets people know they are valued. The piece does not have to be super flashy or large. It does have to be good quality with precious metal as its base. Metals such as gold, silver, or platinum are durable, attractive, and able to be personalized. No one wants a piece of jewelry that turns their skin green. A person can go online to see choices at or other online jewelry companies.

Jewelry choices can be as varied as the personalities of friends. The important thing to do is to study the likes and dislikes of each friend and match the gift to their personality and tastes. If a friend does not like silver or platinum, why give a piece of jewelry in that metal that they will not wear. It is better to get jewelry gifts in the metal the person prefers.

The jewelry can be personalized for each gift recipient with a favorite jewel or stone, initials, a favorite saying, or an important date. Chains with small pendants, earrings, bracelets, or rings are good jewelry gift choices. The friend should get the message that their likes and personality have been honored with the gift. Honor a special event in their life such as a trip, graduation, job success, etc.


Friendship Gift Ideas

Not everyone likes jewelry and some people have a lot of jewelry already. So this go-to gift may not be appropriate for them. Sometimes jewelry should be a part of the whole gift rather than all of it. Think about combining that special gift of jewelry with a plant, flowers, or a bottle of wine. Maybe that pendant or pair of earrings could be part of a gift basket.

Pet lovers could be given pet related jewelry, art, or pillows. What about taking a good photo of that special pet and having it enlarged and printed on canvas? Is the leash or collar the pet is using, worn out? Consider purchasing a new style collar/harness in the perfect size for the pet. A package of a favorite dog or cat treat combined with a pair of earrings featuring the dog breed could be a hit.

Bangle bracelets can be worn alone or in groups. They come with custom sayings, names or dates engraved on them. This could be the start of a collection and easy gift choice for the near future. Think about getting matching bracelets or pendants for the two friends.

And, don’t forget special edible or drinkable gifts. Gourmet teas, coffees, and chocolates give lots of pleasure at a reasonable cost. Just make sure the flavors are ones that the recipient likes and can use. Don’t forget locally produced foods, wines, and treats. Consider purchasing one of those coupon dining books for restaurants near the friend. You could go together to try out new places.


A Gift For the Environment

In today’s atmosphere of environmental awareness, consider giving a gift of reusable storage containers, drink mugs, straws, or other environmentally friendly items. Purchase a T-shirt or another item of clothing made of recycled material. Combine it with a pendant about loving the planet. It is important to know how the friend feels about climate change and protecting the environment so one is sure the gift would be welcome.

What better expression of friendship than to find an especially comfortable, yet attractive pair of pajamas or nightgown for a friend. There are nightclothes made of sustainable fabric that is breathable. A special pillow or night mask might also be welcome. Speaking of pillows, a nice travel pillow could be very welcome to a person who likes to nap on the plane or in a car.

Books are always a good gift when they are carefully chosen for the person receiving them. A cookbook for a person who loves to cook would be welcome. Talk to the friend about a lot of subjects, then purchase a book that mirrors their life experiences or interests. Maybe get that new release by a favorite author. Another person might be trying to live healthier and want information on exercise, diet, or a healthy lifestyle.


A Promise as a Gift

Along with that well-chosen necklace, bracelet, or earrings, why not give a promise of time together. Make a coupon book of friend events for the future such as lunch at favorite restaurants, day trips, or a hike in the park. It could even be a day at a beauty spa or getting mammograms together. Fit the promise of time together to the friend’s interests and needs.

It never hurts to write a letter of gratitude for a long-standing friendship. That letter may be worth more than other expensive gifts to the recipient. It never hurts to combine it with a small gift of jewelry touting friendship.


Gifts Tied To Hobbies

Next, think about new or long-standing interests or hobbies each friend has. A dedicated hiker or runner could always use related items like comfy socks, sweatbands, T-shirts, or a whistle or other safety communication device. A painter would love a pile of pre-stretched canvases or a block of good-quality watercolor paper. It would also be good to purchase a gift certificate to an art supply store or online supplier. This idea goes for any hobby and shows a person values that part of a friend.

So, the perfect gift can be just about anything that the giver has taken the time to choose based on the friend’s personality and interests. Jewelry can be combined with other gifts as a small tangible reminder of love and friendship.


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