MIAMI COCKTAIL CO. Launches New Organic SPRITZ Cocktails

Miami Cocktail Co - Spritz Group 1

Miami, FL (July 17, 2019) – Miami Cocktail Co. (, an award-winning organic craft cocktail company based in Wynwood, Miami, is thrilled to announce its newest offering of single-serve Organic SPRITZ cocktails. Now available to purchase online and in select retailers nationwide, each organic certified sparkling cocktail has 4.2% ABV and contains only 110 calories per can, with no added sugar, additives, or preservatives, using only the finest all natural ingredients. The ready-to-drink, wine based Organic SPRITZ line is non-GMO and gluten-free and comes in five vibrant pastel BPA-free cans:

Miami Cocktail Co.

·         Organic Bellini SPRITZ – Organic rosé wine paired with organic peach juice and a touch of organic mango juice (8.4oz/250ml 4.2% ABV)

·         Organic Margarita SPRITZ – Organic 100% blue weber agave wine paired with organic lime, orange, elderflower and ginger juices (8.4oz/250ml 4.2% ABV)

·         Organic Mimosa SPRITZ – Organic rosé wine paired with organic mandarin orange and tangerine juice (8.4oz/250ml 4.2% ABV)

·         Organic Paloma SPRITZ – Organic blue weber agave wine paired with organic grapefruit, hibiscus and ginger juices (8.4oz/250ml 4.2% ABV)

·         Organic Sangria SPRITZ – Organic rosé wine paired with organic orange, lime and pineapple juices (8.4oz/250ml 4.2% ABV)

Created by Miami spirits industry and hospitality veterans Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, Organic SPRITZ represents a true healthier-conscious option that pleases every palate, offering an ideal way to #drinkclean this summer, from poolside sipping to rooftop brunching, and everything in between.

We noticed a need for high-quality, ready-to-drink canned cocktails. A true craft cocktail experience based on genuine ingredients that delivers what matters most – taste,” says Miami Cocktail Co. Co-Founder Ross Graham. “People today are far more conscious of what they consume. There are more and more seltzers claiming to be “better for you” options but they mostly start – and stop – with a simple caloric claim. We crafted our Organic SPRITZ with transparency of ingredients, fully organic certified, and focused on taste. An authentic cocktail that is light and refreshing, with lower calories and no added sugar, with real ingredients, that active, health-conscious individuals will enjoy drinking.

Miami Cocktail Co.

Given today’s thriving ready-to-drink cocktail industry, we could not think of a more perfect time to launch our line of Organic SPRITZ,” continues Co-Founder Simon Benstead. “Our product is at the intersection of every beverage trend, and we’re positioned to capture the growing demographic of people looking for delicious cocktails that are both flavorful and represent a healthier alternative.

Miami Cocktail Co.’s Organic SPRITZ is available to purchase online at and through select gourmet retailers nationwide, including Fresh Market and Whole Foods. Organic SPRITZ SRP is $12.99 per 4-pack of 8.4 ounce cans. 

The launch of the Organic SPRITZ builds off Miami Cocktail Co.’s successful Small Batch Original’s line of organic bottled cocktails, which are currently available nationwide. The Small Batch Originals, Sunset Sangria, Blood Orange Mimosa, and Copper Pot Margarita are available in 750ml bottles. Like the Organic SPRITZ, the Originals are organic certified, gluten-free, lower in sugar, low in sulfites, and only about 100 calories per serving, making them the perfect host gift or beverage pairing for entertaining with family and friends.


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