It’s Time to Celebrate National Mojito Day with BACARDÍ RUM

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With National Mojito Day taking place this Thursday, check out some cocktails to celebrate the occasion…

A hot new take on the classic mojito, is the BACARDÍ Lime Mojito. A sweet and zesty fusion of BACARDÍ’s newest flavor – BACARDÍ Lime, this libation combines caster sugar, mint leaves, lime wedges, and club soda to create a timeless rendition of the iconic Cuban highball that will transport you to Old Havana.

Bacardi Lime Mojito


2 parts BACARDÍ® Lime Flavored Rum

4 Lime Wedges

6-8 Fresh Mint Leaves

2 tbsp Caster Sugar

1 part Club Soda

1 Sprig of fresh mint

Method: Add the lime wedges, sugar and mint leaves and gently muddle until the limes release juice. Add BACARDÍ Lime Flavored Rum and mix the ingredients with a bar spoon. Fill with crushed ice and stir once again. Add club soda and garnish with mint.


If you’re in the market for a mojito but you’re feeling a bit more audacious, the BACARDÍ Pomegranate Mojito might tickle your fancy! Combining the backbone of any good mojito – BACARDÍ Superior with Liber & Co pomegranate syrup, club soda, lime juice, sugar, and mint, this heady concoction is sure to help you understand why we’ve reserved a whole day to sing the mojito’s praises.

Bacardi Pomegranate Mojito


1 ½ parts BACARDÍ Superior rum

1 part Liber & Co. pomegranate syrup

¼ part fresh lime juice and sugar

1 part Club Soda

9 each Mint Leaves

Method: Gently muddle green mint leaves with the grenadine in a mason jar. Add the rocks mix, BACARDÍ Superior rum and ice and shake for five seconds. Top with club soda and garnish with a fresh mint leaf.


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