Pride Drink Cosmopolitan

With upcoming Pride celebrations coming up, check out a special cocktail The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Chef Mixologist, Mariena Mercer concocted for the month of June available at the Property’s The Chandelier bar. 

The Loud & Proud cocktail will be available for the entire month of June for $17.00 on the 1.5 level of the multi-story visual wonder house open from 6PM – 2AM daily.

The Loud & Proud Cocktail

Loud & Proud by Mariena Mercer Ingredients:

·         1 ½ oz Empress Indigo Gin

·         ½ oz St Germain Elderflower

·         ½ oz lemongrass syrup

·         1 oz lemon juice

·         1 oz Apple Rosewater


1.                   Shake all ingredients with ice.

2.                   Fill glass with boba pearls and fresh ice.

3.                   Strain cocktail over ice and top with foam and lollipop.

Glass / Ice: Collins + Cubed

Garnish: Coconut Ginger Blue foam/ Unicorn lollipop/ passionfruit pearls


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