The PATRON Margarita Tower for Cinco de Mayo at TORO LOCO in NYC – An Over-the-Top $500 Experience


New York – To celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year, Patrón has created The Patrón Margarita Tower: an over-the-top $500 DIY margarita experience available for a limited time at Toro Loco in NYC.

In addition to a ton of tequila, each tower comes with caviar, truffled sea salt and more incredible garnishes.

It will be available from Monday 4/22 through Monday 5/6 and serves 5.

The Patron Margarita Tower

The tower is in three tiers (emulating a seafood tower)…

·         Bottom tier: Rocks glasses and the Patrón Silver used for the margaritas

·         Middle tier: Is filled with different premium and fresh garnishes that guests will be able to pick from to customize their margarita (pineapple fronds, pomegranate, dragon fruit, blood oranges, key limes, edible flowers, etc.) as well as caviar in oyster shells to use as a garnish as well (to really play up the seafood tower connection)

·         Top tier: Dry ice and various glass containers with additional liquid mixer components within the cocktail (Yuzu, Vanilla Syrup, Prickly Pear juice)


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