TAO Group Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Specials

TAO Valentine's Day Giant Fortune Cookie

Beauty & Essex, TAO and LAVO  in Las Vegas will celebrate February 14th with Valentine versions of their signature desserts.

Wheel of Love, Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Beauty & Essex’s famed Wonder Wheel dessert is transforming for Valentine’s Day on February 14 into a Wheel of Love, with themed items including:

Dark chocolate ganache filled white chocolate truffle

Caramel filled dark chocolate truffle

Raspberry ganache filled milk chocolate truffle

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Praline filled dark chocolate truffle

Lemon cream filled truffle

Chocolate dipped soft caramel

Raspberry marshmallow dipped in chocolate

Complete the perfect romantic dessert with a special touch from The Pawn Shop – for $100 the Wheel of Love will be served tableside along with The Pawn Shop’s signature Beauty necklace (original retail price is $146).


TAO Signature Fortune Cookie

TAO’s signature fortune cookie is dressed up for Valentine’s Day! Brushed with chocolate and sprinkled with mini hearts, served with Valentine’s Day inspired fortunes.  TAO can also customize the fortunes with personal love notes if requested in advance with reservation i.e. proposals, anniversary notes, etc. $12


20 Layer Chocolate Cake, LAVO Las Vegas

LAVO’s signature 20 Layer Chocolate Cake is transforming for Valentine’s Day into a 20 Layer Red Velvet Cake. $13


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