COINTREAU Elevates the Holidays with an Exclusive Collection of Designer Cocktails

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 5.47.00 PM
The Designer Cocktail Series

New York – As friends and families gather for the most festive time of year, Cointreau, the pioneer in crafted spirits for nearly 170 years, unveils the first Designer Cocktail Series, a collection of classic libations with an artful twist created by luminaries from the art, culinary and fashion worlds. The ensemble celebrates The Art of the Mix by creating cocktail recipes that can elevate any gathering to something extraordinary. To craft the Designer Cocktail Series, Cointreau enlisted tastemakers including actress, designer and influencer Olivia Culpo, street artist Bradley Theodore, celebrity pastry chef Elizabeth Chambers and fashion designer and creative director Marissa Webb.

Cointreau is the celebrated orange liqueur, an essential ingredient in countless iconic cocktails including: The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan and The Sidecar. Mixing unexpected flavors and their unique style, each designer created a new take on a favorite Cointreau recipe to elevate simple occasions to extraordinary soirées for the season.

The Designer Cocktail Series celebrates the creative expression of The Art of the Mix, as well as Cointreau’s exceptional versatility and presence at the heart of classic cocktails,” says Craig Sherman, Senior Brand Director at Remy Cointreau USA. “Cointreau is the incomparable cocktail centerpiece that elevates any recipe, helping to transform an evening into something magical.

Cocktail connoisseurs can raise their glasses to a medley of festive Cointreau recipes:

Red Carpet Cosmo – a stylish take on the Cosmopolitan by Olivia Culpo featuring sweet raspberry garnished with candied ginger.


The Gold Street Margarita – a colorful Margarita by Bradley Theodore with a specialty black sesame and gold flake rim inspired by his street art.

The Gold Street Margarita


The Lavender Sidecar – a feminine twist on a Sidecar by Elizabeth Chambers with fresh citrus, accented with a lavender infused sugar rim.

The Lavender Sidecar


The Jalapeño Fizz – a spicy Fizz by Marissa Webb boasting jalapeño infused Cointreau and a cilantro salted rim with jalapeño garnish.

The Jalapeño Fizz


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