Release of New SKYY INFUSIONS SUN-RIPENED WATERMELON Just in Time for Summer

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Watermelon is having its moment in the sun. Endless summer days are synonymous for backyard BBQs, cheerful picnics, and sunset beach excursions, all perfectly complemented by the juicy fruitiness of watermelon. SKYY® Vodka – a vodka born in San Francisco – pays homage to this all-American classic treat with the release of SKYY Infusions® Sun-Ripened Watermelon, a must-have for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and every conceivable celebration in between. A refreshing, watermelon-infused vodka made with real fruit, SKYY’s latest trendsetting addition captures the brightness and complexity of succulent Watermelon and is now available nationwide.

The new SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon offers a mouth-watering and slightly sweet spirit, where the real-fruit flavor bursts forward to stand out with most any mixer. Fans of SKYY Infusions will open a bottle and immediately notice the aroma of fresh watermelon paired with SKYY’s premium smooth vodka made from American grain for an elevated true-to-fruit experience. SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon is the perfect complement for outdoor cocktails with its bright fruitiness, and can be enjoyed on the rocks, muddled with fresh fruit, or used to put a surprising twist on a classic favorite.

Whether its amping up your summer style with a twist on a rosé spritzer or delighting in a new-found summer romance over a Watermelon Shandy, SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon is the perfect vodka to indulge in for leisurely days.



1 part SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon
1 part Aperol®
3 parts Sparkling Rosé
1 part Soda or Tonic Water
Glass: Large Wine or Spritz
Garnish: Melon Balls, Lime Wheels & Cucumber Ribbon
Build in a Large Wine glass over ice. Garnish with Watermelon Balls, Lime Wheels and a
Cucumber Ribbon.

SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon joins the brand’s existing line of award-winning premium flavors, which includes Citrus, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Bartlett Pear, Honeycrisp Apple, Tropical Mango, Coastal Cranberry, Texas Grapefruit, Pacific Blueberry, Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean, Wild Strawberry, California Apricot, Cherry, and Raspberry. Since the introduction of SKYY Vodka in California in 1992, the brand has always been an innovator.

First released in 2008, the development of SKYY Infusions, charted a new course for flavored vodkas by creating products that cater to the current consumer trend toward natural, infused products that elevate the taste experience.

The new flavor is 70 proof (35% ABV), is available in 50ml ($1.99), 750mL ($13.99), 1L ($16.99) and 1.75L ($21.99). The entire SKYY Infusions collection can be enjoyed simply on the rocks, with club soda, or in other delicious, sophisticated cocktails. For more information, visit, and on Instagram and Twitter: @SKYYVodka.


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