EL JIMADOR TEQUILA Petitions for the Addition of the Margarita Emoji to the 2019 Emoji Roster! #MargEmoji

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Right in time for Cinco de Mayo, and the margarita’s 80th birthday this year, el Jimador tequila is inviting fans everywhere to help award America’s favorite cocktail with its rightful place in pop culture, and a coveted spot on your smartphone keyboards everywhere. After being snubbed once again in the most recent additions to the popular digital expression, el Jimador launched a nationwide campaign petitioning for the addition of the margarita emoji, dubbed the “MargEmoji,” to the 2019 emoji roster.

To support the #MargEmoji movement (you know you want to!) sign the petition!

To pay homage to the #1 bar order in the US, NY-based mixologist, Kristine Serrano, has curated three celebratory margaritas for Cinco de Mayo (and year-round, who are we kidding?!), which marg lovers nationwide can create at home. Since we wanted to try these ourselves (I mean, do you blame us? #MargsForLife), we visited Kristine, who was kind enough to concoct these delicious margaritas right in front of our eyes!


We started with THE GLAMARITA

An overall decadent drink from taste to garnish, this cocktail demonstrates the versatility of the margarita cocktail from tacos to tuxedos, with the perfect blend of glitz and glam. #AintNoShameInGlam

The Glamarita

2 oz el Jimador Anejo

.5 oz Coconut Syrup

.25 oz Tartaric Acid Adjusted Gomme

2 Droppers Cinnamon Tincture

Stir/ Strain


Add edible glitter to Nick & Nora Glass & combine all ingredients. Give the cocktail a quick stir in glass to get the glitter swirling. Top with Edible Orchid with 3 Candy Pearls balanced in the center.

We then moved on to THE LEADING LADY

As America’s #1 cocktail vies for its rightful place in digital pop culture, this margarita combines bright, fruity elements with savory earthy flavors like beet salt and sage, which is believed to ward off bad luck. It’s refreshing, juicy and perfect for your summer menus!

The Leading Lady

Beet salt rimmed glass (wide wine glass, stemmed)

2 slices of muddled cactus fruit

2 oz.  el Jimador Reposado

.5 oz. Lime Juice

.5 oz. Sage Syrup

3 drops cardamom bitters


Shake/ fine strain over large ice cube and add sage prime garnish

And lastly, to top it off, we tried the 80 CANDLES

Did I hear you request a margarita dessert? We’ve got you covered! Made with tropical fruit, citrus, mint and vanilla for a tangy and refreshing taste, and topped off with Chambord whipped cream and hibiscus salt for just the right balance of sweet and savory, this margarita celebrates the 80th birthday of America’s favorite cocktail.

80 Candles

2 oz el Jimador Reposado

.75 oz passionfruit Juice

.5 oz Lime

.25 oz Mint Syrup

.25 oz Vanilla Syrup

Add crushed ice


Build in mason jar and top with Chambord whipped cream, hibiscus salt, mint sprig, and straw.



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