VIP Dinner Series Celebrating the Opening of CLEO Third Street Hosted by sbe Founder and CEO Sam Nazarian

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 4.41.50 PM
Steelo Brim, Michael B Jordan, Sam Nazarian, Frankie Delgado

Disruptive Restaurant Group, a subsidiary of sbe, the leading global lifestyle hospitality company, announced the group’s award-winning Mediterranean culinary concept, Cleo, will open its third location in Los Angeles, and seventh location worldwide, on December 2, 2017 inside The Orlando Hotel, following its recent openings in New York and The Bahamas. The new, 6,000-square-foot flagship restaurant will bring an alluring new dining menu, unparalleled happy hour offerings and brilliant design by DesignAgency and L.A. street artist Cryptik to the bustling culinary and cultural corridor of West 3rd Street.

Building on the incredible reception we’ve seen with Cleo Hollywood and Cleo L.A. Live, we are thrilled to open our third location in L.A. and bring our award-winning concept to West Hollywood,” said Daniel del Olmo CEO of Disruptive Restaurant Group. “West Third Street is fast becoming a go-to dining corridor in the city and we look forward to opening our doors in such a vibrant neighborhood. We’re eager to welcome our neighbors, our friends, Orlando Hotel guests and visitors in for a fantastic, modern Mediterranean dining and drinking experience.”​

AnnaLynne McCord

The last week of November, a VIP ​dinner series celebrating the opening of Cleo Third Street was hosted by ​sbe Founder and CEO Sam Nazarian, Disruptive Restaurant Group CEO Daniel Del Olmo, and Executive Chef Danny Elmaleh.​

The series successfully kicked off on Tuesday, November 28th​ with equally fabulous dinners through Thursday, November 30th​ leading up to the official opening on December 2nd, 2017.​​ Chef Danny Elmaleh kicked off each dinner with a festive and traditional “Cleo” greek-style plate breaking ritual, and Cleopatra herself was on hand to join in the celebration.​

Notable guests in attendance throughout the week included Larry King, Michael B. Jordan, ​Terrence ​Jenkins,​ Randy Jackson​ (American Idol)​​,​ AnnaLynne McCord (Now We Take Brooklyn), Danny A. Abeckaser (Now We Take Brooklyn), ​Chloe Bridges wearing Whyte Studio (Daytime Divas/Pretty Little Liars), Steelo Brimm (Ridiculousness), ​Dorit & P​a​ul Kemsley (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)​, ​Katrina Bowden (30 Rock), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy), Geoff Stults (Grace and Frankie), Lyndon Smith (White Famous), Jonathan Keltz (CW’s Reign), Laysla De​​ ​Oliveira (iZombie), Ben Lyons (ESPN), Diana Madison (The Lowdown​ + Style Lab​), Tara Reid (Sharknado), Nichelle Hines (E!’s Hollywood Cycle)​, Holly Hicks (model), Elisabetta Canalis (model), ​sbe ​nightlife impresario​s​ Dean May​, Frankie Delgado and Michael Baruch​​, Steve Talley (Idiot​ ​sitter)​, Sophia Miacova (Nuclear Family), Iggy Rodriguez (The Bachelorette),​ ​​Lucas Yancey (The Bachelorette),​ all​ enjoyed a preview dinner of the new Third Street location including Cleo favorites such as ​falafel, fresh baked laffa bread, signature kebabs and ​cold mezze dips like lebaneh & feta, ​haloumi and brussels sprouts ​as well as ​a new Third Street exclusive​ of​ ​chicken tagine with ​saffron rice, paired with Maestro Dobel Tequila specialty cocktails, Whispering Angel ​rose​, Giuliana Prosseco, Duvel and Evian refreshers.​ ​

Cleo Third Street opens with a new menu from Executive Chef Danny Elmaleh that reflects his Israeli-Japanese heritage and celebrates ingredients and cultures of the eastern and southern Mediterranean. The new menu spotlights Cleo cult hits including the restaurant’s signature cocktails, Brussels sprouts, spicy cigars, and other shared plate favorites from babaganoush and crispy artichoke hummus enjoyed on addictive fresh baked laffa bread, to tagines, kebabs and octopus​, ​plus, larger, “family-style” dishes to share such as charcoal-grilled branzino served whole with fresh tomato and niçoise olives, snapper hot oil seared with Calabrian chili, olives and barberries and the Wagyu flat iron steak. The restaurant will offer a weekend brunch, lunch and dinner, plus a takeaway window with small bites to grab on the go.

Larry King
Dorit Kemsley + Paul Kemsley
Chef Danny Elmaleh + Sam Nazarian
Chloe Bridges & AnnaLynne McCord
Randy Jackson + Tara Reid
Lyndon Smith + Steve Talley + Jonathan Keltz + Laysla De Oliveira



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