Game Day at L.A. Live with SBE

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It’s game-day in Los Angeles. You’re heading to the Staples Center. Eating, drinking, and game-watching is on your list…

SBE, one of the top hotel management companies, has got you covered.

Responsible for some of the hottest venues around the world; hotel, restaurant, & nightlife, SBE has put their stamp on L.A. LIVE at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

From KATSUYA L.A. LIVE, the upscale sushi spot offering innovative Japanese cuisine paired with premium mixology, to CLEO, the Mediterranean restaurant, offering eastern and southern Mediterranean cuisine and handcrafted cocktails, to HYDE LOUNGE at STAPLES, the perfect environment to take in the game from atop the Staples Center, you are in for an experience.

Just recently, we had the opportunity to check out Katsuya, pre-Clippers game, and then walk over to the Staples Center and take in the game from Hyde Lounge.

Katsuya LA Live

For each Los Angeles team; Clippers, Lakers, & Kings, Katsuya has created signature cocktails for game-days.

We had the Lob City Cocktail, since it was a Clippers game-day…

Check out the Lakers & Kings signature cocktails HERE.

We also got to sample some of their unique rolls, sushi and sashimi platters…

Lob City cocktail
Katsuya LA Live
Katsuya LA Live

After our fill at Katsuya, we walked over to the Staples Center for the game, and headed up to HYDE Lounge.

HYDE Lounge at Staples Center
HYDE Lounge at Staples Center
HYDE Lounge at Staples Center

HYDE Lounge combines a lux and sophisticated ambiance with impressive views of the game, food & beverage at your fingertips, and bottle-service if you’re looking to head in that direction. They’ve got you covered for a top notch experience.

For food options, they have appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and dessert. For drinks, they offer signature cocktails, champagne, wine, and spirits.

HYDE Lounge at Staples

Views from HYDE Lounge

HYDE Lounge at Staples

Cucumber & Watermelon Margarita from the top!

Cucumber & Watermelon Margarita – HYDE Lounge at Staples


Lastly, since we didn’t get the opportunity to check out Cleo, we wanted to give it a shoutout…

Cleo at LA Live
Cleo at LA Live
Cleo at LA Live




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