Les Twins & Cardi B. ‘Dress to be Free’ this Halloween with BACARDÍ in NYC

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.50.38 PM

This Halloween – as partygoers seek costume inspiration from culture icons, BACARDÍ introduces DRESS TO BE FREE, a campaign aimed at liberating our truest selves in honor of the holiday rooted in self-expression.

BACARDÍ is honing in on the spirit of Halloween as the intersection of a world of people who dress up to be themselves every day and those who liberate themselves through creative expression. This year, BACARDÍ celebrates these individuals, and are excited to share exclusive content with the Parisian dance duo – Les Twins – brothers who at their core represent what Dress to Be Free is all about: authenticity, truth, and celebration.

Identical twin brothers, choreographers and models, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, are recognized internationally for their talents in new style hip-hop dancing, and have been featured with various music artists including Beyoncé, Meghan Trainor, and Missy Elliott. Just as BACARDÍ challenges convention and champions liberation, Les Twins are transforming dance culture using movement and their style to transcend the expected, redefine and disrupt a category. They are moving past the notions of what constitutes “real hip-hop,” integrating the happenings of everyday life to celebrate their true selves.

In the below video, BACARDÍ and Les Twins celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of their truth, and give viewers a sneak peek of what’s in store at BACARDÍ’s #DressToBeFree Halloween bash at House of Yes on October 30th, where Cardi B and Les Twins will be performing.



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