SOUL HOLLYWOOD is Shaking Things Up on Hollywood Blvd.

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A new restaurant in Hollywood, SOUL HOLLYWOOD, is shaking things up on Hollywood Blvd…

Redefining traditional southern cuisine by embracing the flavors of the South, while combining them with contemporary elements, is what SOUL is all about.

From their deeeeelicious tasting soul food, to their specialty cocktails, to their international wine list that features 76 different wines, to their NEW WEEKLY LIVE MUSIC SERIES – “LIVE MUSIC SUNDAYS” (every Sunday starting on October 15), this new spot is a MUST-TRY!

*On Sundays, diverse bands will serve up some musical culture alongside the city’s best Southern/Soul food fare with a modern twist. Chef Giulian Jones comes from a “Blues” household and upbringing and has cooked for the Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction and more. 

The Soul concert series will marry the unique culinary offering with a variety of musical guests for an evening of fun, frolic, food and drink.*

Tipsy Diaries was recently able to experience SOUL, except for the LIVE MUSIC (that starts this weekend). We stopped in one weeknight around 6PM and it was hoppin’! We set up shop at the bar and didn’t look back!

Check it out…


We started off with a cocktail, the Far Star to be exact. It is made with Silver Tequila, Créme de Violette Liqueur, Ginger Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Fresh Blueberries, & Orange Bitters.

Far Star Cocktail


We were then presented with an array of flatbread; the Quattro Formaggio, made with mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, bleu cheese with tomato sauce and roasted black garlic…and the House BBQ Chicken, made with Mary’s Organic Chicken, Smoked Mozzarella, Onions, & Cilantro.

Quattro Formaggio


House BBQ Chicken


We then went back to the cocktails…

We opted for the Habanero Lime Margarita, made with Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice, Housemade Habanero Lime-Infused Syrup, & Jalapeño Peppers.

Jasmine (our bartender) made it to perfection, even toasting the jalapeño pepper.

Habanero Lime Margarita


And thennnn back to the food!

Next we tried the Crab & Phyllo, made with Phyllo Puff Pastry filled with succulent Jumbo Lump Crab, Leeks, & Cream Sauce.

Crab & Phyllo


We were in the sequence of cocktail, food, cocktail, food, cocktail, food, so…we stuck with it.

Our next cocktail was the Amaro Del Soulmade with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Old Overholt Rye, Amaro Cio Ciaro, Malbec, Cardomom Bitters, Honey Syrup, & Fresh Lemon Juice.

WOW! Strong as hell, but oh so good!

Amaro Del Soul


THEN, the créme de la créme came out! The Smoked BBQ Platter (and this was only the ‘small bites’ portion. The platter consisted of House Jerk Chicken, Beef Brisket, Pork Shoulder, and a BBQ Rib with Carolina BBQ Sauce & Jerk Sauce.

All of it was cooked perfectly and melts in your mouth.

Smoked BBQ Platter


At this point, we were SO FULL of SOUL! 😉 But there is always room for dessert and one more cocktail.

The chef brought out, no lie, one of the most tasty desserts I’ve ever had – The Budino. I don’t know the ingredients OR the secret, so you’ll just have to try it out for yourself. It’s THAT good!



After the Budino, we ended the night with the Horchata Special – it can be made with Tahitian Vanilla Rum, Coconut Rum, or Chocolate Liqueur..

Horchata Special


Until next time…

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