TEQUILA CIUDAD Launches in the United States; ‘Our Destination is Clear, Our Destination is You’

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Tequila Ciudad is a modern approach to premium tequila. Ciudad is made from tequilana weber and blue variety agave, which is grown in the highlands of Mexico, where the soil is red and agave is bursting with flavor. Launching initially with three styles, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo, tequila Ciudad is currently available in 27 states with Golden Beverage and Deutsch Distributors.

Each bottle of Ciudad is etched with a map of Mexico City, the capital and heartbeat of Mexico. It represents a growing and progressive culture as well as the energy, ambition, the hustle, the strength to succeed, the ability to stand out. Tequila, like Scotch or Champagne, has an old soul steeped in culture and quality, but it is also vibrant, immediate, sophisticated and modern; it is alive, it has energy. It represents millions of journeys with clear destinations. This is the embodiment of Ciudad. Relentless in pursuit to make something better, something extraordinary, and then find a destination worthy of the effort.

Our direction is clear. Our destination is you!


CIUDAD BLANCO: Not aged, distilled in copper stills and immediately bottled AROMA: Bright Highland Agave, fresh grass and citrus, green fruits like mango peel and pineapple.
TASTE: Lightly bitter, with smoky notes, citrus predominance, herbal notes like mint, with nuances of spices like cinnamon
SRP ($52.99/750ML)

Tequila Ciudad Blanco


CIUDAD REPOSADO: Aged 11 Months in American White Oak
AROMA: Gorgeous fruit notes such as banana and green fruits, with a light sweet vanilla and fresh honey bee, remarkable notes of wood from the American White Oak and bursting with fresh Highland agave
TASTE: Smooth Oak flavor, with tastes of honey and vanilla that remain in the mouth and slightly smoked.
SRP ($56.99/750ML)

Tequila Ciudad Reposado


CIUDAD AÑEJO: Aged 24 Months in French Oak
AROMA: Wood notes that mix walnut and vanilla with slightly smoky coffee notes Layered sweet tones of honey , maple and raisins, denotes cooked agave, with fresh herbal scent
TASTE: Soft to the immediate palate. Beautiful notes of French Oak, walnut, caramel and vanilla. Slightly bitter, with presence of cooked agave, a mixture of spices, like ginger. Fruit notes like apple and pear
SRP ($59.99/750ML)

Tequila Ciudad Anejo



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