Summer Solstice CORONA LIGHT Beertails!

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Summer Solstice is TODAY!

It’s time to head outside and enjoy the start of summer! For those of you looking to keep cool while celebrating the extra hour of sunlight on The Lightest Day of the year, keep cool with CORONA LIGHT.

​​Corona Light believes that summer is best celebrated by logging off and popping the top off an ice-cold, 99-calorie Corona Light with friends, or when mixing up a fun summer libation! With delicious, “skinnier” options like the Corona Light Lightest Sunset or the Corona Slim Organic Margarita, there’s a fun beertail for everyone to keep cool and sip lighter on The Lightest Day and throughout the summer season.



Corona The Lightest Sunset

Corona Light The Lightest Sunset

12 oz. Corona Light®
1.5 oz. Casa Noble Crystal Tequila®
2 oz. orange juice
1 oz. grenadine
Orange wheel

Combine Casa Noble and orange juice in a glass with ice. Pour grenadine down inside wall of the glass (don’t stir). Fill with Corona Light. Garnish with orange wheel.


Corona Slim Organic Margarita

Corona Slim Organic Margarita

12 oz. Corona Light®
2 oz. Casa Noble Crystal Tequila®
1 oz. lime juice
.75 oz. organic agave nectar
Lime wedge

Combine Casa Noble, lime juice and agave nectar in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a glass, top with Corona Light and garnish with lime wedge.



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