Summer Rosé Innovation: Champagne on Ice with MOET ICE IMPERIAL

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Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Rosé

As the weather warms, check out one of the latest summer drink innovations: Champagne on ice.

Moët & Chandon pioneered this trend in 2011, launching Moët Ice Imperial, the first-ever champagne designed especially to be enjoyed over ice. Since then, this new style of drinking one of the most classic and revered wines has taken off across the category, with brands vying to create their own variations. This summer, Moët will debut its newest expression, launching nationally, Moët Ice Imperial Rosé (SRP: $79.99/ As restaurants and bars begin to release their seasonal drink menus, expect to see this traditional beverage now more than ever – served on the rocks.

Only previously available in Miami and Los Angles, Moët Ice Imperial Rosé’s blend was expertly developed not to dilute the champagne, but actually complement its cuvée the more the ice melts. The growing trend was first noticed amongst vacationers, particularly Margherita Missoni, in the south of France drinking “La Piscine” cocktails – sipping champagne with frozen champagne ice cubes. This “champagne on ice” revelation has since made the category more approachable, instead of reserving bubbly for celebratory moments. Just last year, Moët expanded distribution to 27 markets – including non-coastal locations like Oregon, Michigan and Ohio – showing that this new way of drinking is being embraced by an entirely new demographic (and generation) of champagne drinkers.


Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial


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